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Martínez Arquitectura
Martínez Arquitectura
Martínez Arquitectura
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Located in one of the busiest streets of the city of Bogotá, El Fabuloso is a high end Bar / Restaurant with capacity for about 500 people. The space that is enveloped by a wood timber tissue is designed as an acoustic element for the place.

The project stems from the idea of the experience and the atmosphere that comes at a picnic, the idea of celebrating the day, to celebrate a good sunset. The site is intended as a basket containing different experiences; the tissue is opened and closed depending on the acoustic and the different views of the city from within. The celling is designed in wood because this material have the characteristic of giving to the sound a major color, a better quality than another element can. Also it contains several heights that not only look good but also responds to the sound waves to optimize the acoustics to the different zones of the place and can manage the sound to make a better feeling for the costumer. The place has several terraces where the gardens and water creates a relaxing atmosphere to see the city and the different facades of the project. Besides the wooden basket, El Fabuloso also counts with a restaurant that contains an open kitchen that have as a central spot a wooden oven that gives to the restaurant a more chill feeling that you will have inside the bar. All the interiors are made in raw elements, we believe that the “look like” materials don’t have a story to tell, undress the soul of the project. Starting from this premise we worked with three basic materials: Wood, Metal and Concrete. We sought to push the boundaries of the use of these materials, to explore them and learn from them.

  • EXTERIOR Balcones y terrazas de estilo minimalista de Martínez Arquitectura Minimalista


  • BAR Salones de estilo minimalista de Martínez Arquitectura Minimalista


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  • RESTAURANT Comedores de estilo minimalista de Martínez Arquitectura Minimalista


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