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Tips on Lighting your Garden or Landscape

Landscaping has become a popular home improvement procedure over the past century. People are taking more care in ensuring their homes are comforted by a stunning surrounding landscape but lighting that landscape seems to be a problem. In truth, it really isn’t all that difficult, you just need to bear in mind 3 simple things: the safety, the security and the style of your garden (the 3 S’s).

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    Safety Lighting

    Safety lighting is pretty straight forward. It keeps you from breaking your neck and waving a flashlight left, right and centre trying to find the wheelie bin. It saves you from crashing your car into the surrounding brick wall or having to walk across the soaking wet grass on a cold winters day. Basically, you need it. Guidance or Path lights are perfect for making your pathway into a catwalk towards the front door. Make sure the entire path is lit to ensure people can negotiate their way to the door without tripping or falling with our Flairlight IP55 Path Light Bollard (Product code – 50044.70) (left) which is a popular product amongst our customers. Step and decking lighting is very important so that people, especially children, don’t trip and fall down the stairs. Using our Flairlight IP66 Recessed Square Step light (product code- 50168.00), you can prevent this from happening (unless you are clumsy of course).

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    Security Lighting

    Without a doubt, security lighting is critical when protecting your home. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that your home is well lit to reduce your chance of getting burgled and having property damage to deal with. A great way to reduce this chance, is to use our Flairlight IP66 230v 12w Surface Mounted LED Spotlight (product code- 50147.20) (left) or our Flairlight IP65 50w LED Flood Light (product code- 50138.20) which are brilliant high performing LED’s with over 50,000 hours life. You could also add spotlights to your trees which creates a moonlight effect on the ground below and adds light to your garden. By all means, you could still use path lights, guidance lights and step lights as security lighting. When thinking about lighting up your garden, minimise the use of up lights in order to reduce light pollution and be careful because some areas have bat protection orders or light pollution stipulations.

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    Stylish Lighting

    Depending on what you mostly use your garden for, be it for entertainment purposes such as Barbeques or parties, or be it for relaxation purposes this will determine how you style your landscape lighting. If you have an outdoor living area, it needs to be will lit for them late nights or early mornings in the dark and our Flairlight IP44 LED Surface Mounted Patio Luminaire (product code- 50172.60) (left) is perfect along with our Flairlight IP44 Dual Emission Wall Light – Brushed Aluminium (product code- 500051.00) to light up your patio, decking or paving like no other. Up lights around the exterior of your home add depth and show texture on the walls of your home. They are extremely effective and add style and class with its simplicity. Up lights and down lights together are also effective when lighting garden art or water features as it instantly draws attention. If you are going for a more relaxed mood in your garden, then the installation of a dimmer and mood lighting controls is an ideal way to find the perfect mood for you. The dimmer will allow you to brighten or dim your landscape through an app on your phone provided by Flairlight. You can also save settings on a control in your home so that you don’t have to constantly change the lights every time you turn them on. Motion sensors are also a very good idea for the more functional lights to save on your energy bills and thus helping the environment.

  • Tips on Lighting your Garden or Landscape Flairlight Designs Ltd JardínIluminación

    Tips on Lighting your Garden or Landscape

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    It is pivotal that you take into consideration the balance of light and the layers of light you have. If you don’t have enough light it will defeat the point in having outdoor lighting and too much light will create glares on windows and will make the landscape of your Garden look odd so, the important features of your garden are the only things that need a source of light such as the paths, decking, stairs, garden art, water features and some of the nice trees in your Garden. To ensure you get the best out of your garden lighting, come to Flairlight because we know our products are reliable and long lasting. At Flairlight, we stress test our product to make sure the only thing that come back to us are our customers as oppose to our products. We also offer a maintenance contract as an added extra so that if anything was to happen to our products, we would send a qualified engineer to replace the product as soon as possible. On the left you will see how we stress test our LED products and compare them to our competitor’s products. As always, Flairlight comes out on top. Bearing this in mind, make the right choice and choose Flairlight.