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Dare to design your own wardrobe!

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The quest to find furniture which is absolutely perfect for your design scheme can be one that is sadly impossible to complete but with a little imagination and a good starting point, anything is possible! For the ideal finishing touch in a bedroom space, why not design your own wardrobe and create something truly unique to not only you, but the room in which it will be housed?

Take a look at the following examples of amazing wardrobe designs and see if they spark your creativity!

Committed and custom

To opt for a wardrobe unit as unique, large and stylised as this one, you need to be certain about your design aesthetic. Very industrial in tone, the use of basic materials will help you to design your own wardrobe to perfectly fit the space available, while also allowing for changes later on, thanks to the extensive use of wood, which can be stained or painted. We love that the client has obviously dictated that a large amount of shoe storage is necessary and really driven the creation process, while remaining sympathetic to the room as a whole, choosing to compliment the red brick roof rather than contrasting with it.

Fairytale finish

Lion Wardrobe de Adorable Tots Ecléctico
Adorable Tots

Lion Wardrobe

Adorable Tots

This wardrobe has unleashed our inner child and made us desperate to embrace fun furniture for our homes! If you decide to design your own wardrobe, then what could be nicer than a really theme specific piece such as this Narnia-vibed one from Adorable Tots? Perfectly simple, the painted wood is the ideal blank canvas for elaborate gold star door knobs, trailing ivy and a fabulous gold carved lion that sits proudly atop! We can picture this closet looking fabulous in any child's (or adult's!) bedroom and really bringing a wider design theme to life.

Blank canvas

Nothing say potential like a plain wooden wardrobe! We love the antique design of this piece and know that the simple lines and routed edges give plenty of scope for personalisation, upcycling or even shabby chic styling. To design your own wardrobe, you don't need a degree in interior design, you only need some imagination and a basic idea of what you are hoping to achieve, the rest is just a case of experimenting until you find something you really like. Even just changing out stock handles can make a huge impact, especially if you opt for something opulent and eye-catching, so be brave and try something new!

Function and fashion

What a statement piece of furniture this is! It looks almost looks as though someone has dictated exactly what they need, with the marvellous triple functionality of drawers, a hanging rail and shelves all being built in! Design your own wardrobe and you can enjoy the same levels of practicality and style, with all of your needs catered for and with your aesthetic preferences firmly in mind. We can picture this in a French country or shabby chic bedroom, with some pretty porcelain knobs that have a floral design on them. Très chic!

Style ahoy!

Little Buoy Blue Combination Wardrobe de Little Lucy Willow Rural
Little Lucy Willow

Little Buoy Blue Combination Wardrobe

Little Lucy Willow

For the perfect nautical styled bedroom, there really is no other option but to design your own wardrobe and go full steam into the spirit of the theme! The decorating choices in this room are utterly gorgeous, with the striped roman blind finished in washed out colours and adding depth to the whitewashed walls and other textiles, but it is the wardrobe that really draws the eye and makes the theme fully cohesive. Painting cut out accents in complimentary colours makes the features pop and really stand out as unique and gives you peace of mind that nobody else has the exact same item!

Gorgeously glamorous

With a set design in mind for your boudoir, why compromise when it comes to large pieces of furniture that would stick out like a sore thumb if not totally perfect? There is one way to avoid this calamity; design your own wardrobe. Whether you take an existing pieces and freshen it up to fit with your aesthetic, or you commission a professional to create you something personal, unique and well suited, you can be the driving design force in your home. Don't be scared to let your creativity out, especially when you could create something as super as this trellis-fronted closet that is so stunning, it almost detracts from the room as a whole.

From small acorns

Langley Pine Triple Wardrobe de The Cotswold Company Rural
The Cotswold Company

Langley Pine Triple Wardrobe

The Cotswold Company

Now this is what we call a magnificent wardrobe! Absolutely stunning as it is, imagine getting your hands on a piece such as this and personalising it to perfectly compliment your bedroom! The possibilities truly are endless, so we can't imagine you need much more motivation to design your own wardrobe, but if you do, think of it this way; take a blank item such as this and you can create something that nobody else in the entire world has. You will be the owner of a unique, one off and completely non-reproducible item of furniture that can be adapted and updated every time your room is, making it an investment for a lifetime. Now that really is something special.

Go green

Green may not be your choice of colour, but this fabulous closet represents the possibilities that open up if you design your own wardrobe. By using your bedroom or dressing room space to dictate what the furniture should look like, you are able to not only create something absolutely fit for purpose and built for functionality, you can put your own stamp on it in a big way. Don't forget that solid paint is not the only customisation option; you could try your hand at decoupage or even stencilling. The choice really is up to you, as is the execution!

Bee unique

Milan Fitted Bedroom Furniture de homify Moderno

Milan Fitted Bedroom Furniture


We can see why people are buzzing about this amazing closet! Ok, enough of the bumble bee jokes, but you can't deny that this is a striking and perfectly complimentary wardrobe for the surrounding room. To design your own wardrobe you will need a strong sense of the look or finished feel that you are keen to create and from there you can customise and tailor your furniture and decoration. By choosing an unusual colour combination, the owners of this wardrobe have succeeded in creating something unique, though readily available in other guises.

Beautifully basic

If you are keen to design your own wardrobe, but want to keep things super simple, chic and understated, don't panic as there are plenty of options for you too! The pared back elegance of this unit is wonderful and no less practical without fancy handles or carved legs, but still offers a wealth of personalisation options. We would love to see something really exciting, such as bright colours on the shelf edges only, so that when the doors slide back, a pop of colour leaps out!

For more bedroom furniture inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Luxurious leather bedroom furniture.

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