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The Pink Icing House

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During the planning stages of this project it became apparent to the architect that it wasn't going to be easy to satisfy the commissioning couple. The taste of the two parties was so different that the architect doubted the feasibility of implementing the project; the woman dreamed of a cosy home with lots of wood, whereas her husband longed for space and natural light. These two seemingly contrasting requirements were extremely difficult to combine in a single design yet, somehow, eu-Atelier studio managed it. You can see the stunning results, below.

Box of tricks

The home's somewhat mysterious façade as seen from the street. Looking more like a piece of contemporary art hanging on the wall of trendy gallery than a house, not a single window suggests what lies behind the walls of the cube. Only a narrow, pink door that's set back, splits the wooden surface.

Peek inside

The door opens and it's now possible to catch a glimpse into the foyer of the house. The wall design is based on laminate and allows the natural light streaming down from above causes slender patterns to form.

A few steps more

The inner house is separated by an entrance zone. This white space acts as a protective barrier to the building and must be passed through by all visitors. The ceiling is extremely high at over five metres but is counterbalanced by the narrowness of the walls. These unusual dimensions  create a sense of intrigue and excitement. Most of the light arrives via the skylights, which give the impression of being located underneath open sky.

Inner sanctum

The living room reveals the other side of the house; further away from the edgy design of the home's exterior and entrance, this space looks more familiar and resemblant of a family home. The floor plans allows the kitchen and dining room to flow into one another and the warm, artificial lighting is provided by ball lamps, which hang in a strict line. Follow the link for more cool suspended lights ideas.

Incorporating tradition

A true Japanese house needs a Washitsu, which is a traditional space decorated exclusively with Tatami mats and Shōji. This area is used mainly as a living room and guest reception.

First floor

We find a modern portico on the first floor of the house. This is a special feature as it causes the natural lighting from the anteroom to stream both laterally and vertically into the building. Two colours dominate the space and so the distinctive exterior aesthetic continues within. The design is delicate and celebrated through vertical bars that repeat.

Evening glow

Dawn is fading and with door open, one can easily get lost in a modern fairy tale idea. Despite its slight width, the entrance is welcoming and arouses curiosity with the warmth of the house inside glowing in the background.

For more inspiration check out: A Contemporary Japanese Home.

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