Fantastic Recycling of the Past

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Fantastic Recycling of the Past

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Terrazas de estilo  de EVA | evolutionary architecture
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This fascinating project looks at the remodelling and reconstruction of a farmhouse dating from 1945 that belonged to a family with an impressive farming heritage. The aim of the project was to restore the existing housing in its own image and in line with the romantic and picturesque setting of the surrounding land.

A tough brief to fulfil, the end result is simply spectacular and encapsulates everything that made the house special initially, whilst updating it to be a practical building for a contemporary era. Let's take a look at this breathtaking restoration to see if we can inspire you to embrace a restorative state of mind.

Last century

There is no denying that this once beautiful house had been left to become a forgotten ruin. The external render is crumbling and exposing the structural elements to the weather, the windows are ineffective and the general state of disrepair is somewhat heartbreaking. What is interesting, however, is that the entrance is up on the first floor. This is how we can tell the property was located on farmland as this elevated front door was designed to prevent animals gaining access to the residence! A sorry, decaying piece of history, this house was in desperate need of a total and sympathetic restoration, which it received from EVA Evolutionary Architecture.

Brought back to life

Wow! What a phenomenal transformation! A truly remarkable build, this reincarnation of what was once in place is the perfect combination of sympathetic, stylish and modern, making this an utterly unique and incredible project!

Many original features remain, with most windows and doors being in the same place but the right wing has been adapted to offer a more liveable footprint. The off-white render is perfectly complimented by those pastel blue accents and helps to ground the property in tradition, whilst simultaneously shrouding it in total modernisation.

Hidden from sight

Another sad view, this time of the degradation from the rear of the building, which sees an unruly garden almost concealing the house itself. Despite the untidiness it is still obvious that this house and garden were, at one point, beautiful, so the potential of the project has never been in doubt. Now that we know just how breathtaking the front became there can be little doubt that the rear will have been equally transformed, reclaiming the ageless grace of such a lovely property.

Allowed to shine

The structural design of the rear of the house has remained very similar, as was desired by the client, but some of the windows have been increased in size to draw in extra natural light. Where nature was once left to run wild, there now sits a perfectly beautiful and well manicured garden, complete with decking and a pagoda for enjoying al fresco dining underneath. Simple, chic and wonderfully nostalgic, this transformation really is something special and makes us wonder what it looks like inside!

Perfect pagoda

As we know, the former owners of this house were farmers who lived off the land and what their animals provided them with. The granary, which has been kept, strengthens the link to the past and is another element, alongside the water pump connected to a well and a wine press, that reminds us of what this house used to be for. With any historical or interesting building, a renovation should naturally seek to maintain links with the former life so that heritage is not forgotten but perfectly maintained. This has been effortlessly achieved here and we love the reverence and respect that is visible.

Light and airy

The interior is now nice and comfortable and there are no longer insulation and temperature control problems, which would have been major concerns in the past. The window designs are simple and modern, contrasting beautifully with the traditional design of the exterior, whilst large expanses of white on the walls and ceilings help to create a feeling of lightness and inner warmth. The furniture in place is, for the most part, traditional, having been finished in a dark wood, which again offers a huge contrast of styles and times. This house is quickly becoming the perfect combination of old and new!

Simple and elegant

Finished so wonderfully simply, this master bedroom is, once again, the ideal symbiosis of tradition and modernity. Nothing has been added for effect here and instead, practicality and elegance are playing a central role. The traditional rugs look beautiful and add some texture to an otherwise relatively minimalist space and the dark wood furniture brings depth and warmth. Wonderful!

Look back

One of our favourite features is this preserved and restored large stone wall. Part of the original building, this feature has been kept in a high traffic area so as to remind visitors of the heritage and history at play. This sympathetic nod to the past life of the property is what sets apart renovations from restorations, with the latter having been completed to perfection in this example. Utterly incredible!

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