Perk up patio with 9 cost friendly ways.

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Life is, thankfully, more than just working and sleeping. Sometimes we need to add a little relaxation to our busy routines as well – but with conquering deadlines at work and keeping the loved ones happy at home, it’s no wonder we rarely have the energy to go anywhere.

Fortunately, the perfect opportunity to get your relaxation (and style) on can be found at home. Up the charm, add the comfort, and enjoy the elegance of that patio/balcony/garden/outdoor space at home in such a way that you’ll never want to relax anywhere else again. 

And yes, you can turn it into a holiday oasis without needing to sell a kidney. 

Here’s how to make that spot much more alluring and comfy…

1. Add some shade

Small city garden After 2 homify

Small city garden After 2


Even the most devoted sun worshipper requires some shade now and again. And you are sure to enjoy that patio space much more if it can provide a little relief from the sun (without breaking the bank).

So, what are options? Mature trees, umbrellas, a covered pergola, retractable awnings, a Bedouin tent, or how about an arbour planted with some vines?

2. Get cheerful with tones

As decking material, home exteriors, and fences tend to be neutral, you will want to bring in some vivid colour to move that patio space away from the lacklustre look. Think indoor carpets and rugs for some snug underfoot padding, available in a milieu of patterns and colours. Scatter cushions also bring in some cheery vibes without a lot of commitment.

Just ensure your fabrics of choice are appropriate for outdoor use if they’re not going to be covered.

3. Be smart with your table

If you’re thinking of adding an outdoor table and chair set to your patio paradise, consider a circular or oval-shaped model instead of a rectilinear design. Rounded tables are easier to navigate around and can better accommodate that extra guest. 

Besides, its smooth and curvy shape can ensure some character while contrasting beautifully with the linear design of your house.

4. Get your gardening on

A Roof Garden, Chelsea Bowles & Wyer Balcones y terrazas de estilo moderno
Bowles & Wyer

A Roof Garden, Chelsea

Bowles & Wyer

Outdoor living spaces are perfect for cultivating garden spirit. Ply your furnishings with floral motif fabrics, add a few potted pretties, and display accessories with flower shapes. This can also be a great way to teach the kids about caring for plants and flowers

homify hint: Ever wondered which container plants are pro at keeping those mosquitoes away? Rosemary, horsemint, marigold, lemon balm, citronella, catnip, basil, and lavender.

5. Use those walls

A bit tight on floor space, yet you still want to enjoy the lush look of plants and flowers? Let those walls commit to flaunting your beautiful florals by adding in a vertical garden. Or just add a floating shelf or two on which you can display some potted beauties.

6. The paradise factor

Sunset Hammock Hen and Hammock JardínMobiliario
Hen and Hammock

Sunset Hammock

Hen and Hammock

You want to be able to relax on your patio, right? Then a hammock is your must-have feature. Even though a soft couch and pillows can also ensure a most relaxing afternoon nap, there is something delightful about a hammock that no amount of cushions can recreate.

7. Add the dazzle

Bolas decorativas naturales con luz led. En el jardín. OutSide Tech Light JardínIluminación
OutSide Tech Light

Bolas decorativas naturales con luz led. En el jardín.

OutSide Tech Light

String lights are your go-to source for an inexpensive transformation, inside or out. They can turn the saddest space into a magical oasis, including your new patio vacation spot. 

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to design options, from small to large globes to with or without decorative shades and patterns, so you know you are bound to find the perfect lights to accommodate your particular patio look (festive, paradise, whimsical, elegant, etc.). 

homify hint: Paper lanterns are another quick and budget-friendly way to add some charming lighting. Just remember to remove them once you retreat inside, as they’re not really suited for outside life. 

Have you checked out our wide range of professional lighting experts here on homify?

8. Be creative and unique

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next, which is why your own unique touch is so important in your space.

Personalise that patio with items and accessories that can kick-start conversations and promote appreciative smiles. Whether it’s hanging up some frames, planting flowers in teapots, or opting for a few pallet furniture pieces, your patio will look most exceptional once you delve into some creative thinking and find ways to express yourself beyond the usual chairs, flowers, and outdoor lighting elements. 

Get some tips from these: 10 Quirky English Garden Ideas.

9. Some soothing sounds

Zuvan 2 Tier Water Fountain Primrose JardínAccesorios y decoración

Zuvan 2 Tier Water Fountain


If your back yard doesn’t already have the delightful sounds of chirping birds and buzzing bees, then incorporate some nature sounds – it’s good for the mind and soul. 

The sound of water not only relaxes us, but also helps to tone down the noise of traffic and unwanted sounds. Even the smallest of water fountains can add a most tranquil ambience to that patio of yours.

homify hint: No floor space for a fountain? A wind chime can be a good alternative to add some calmness.

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