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10 design ideas for small bathrooms

Honor Kennedy Honor Kennedy
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Of all the rooms in our homes, compact bathrooms often appear as though they'll be the most difficult design projects. A real challenge due to their minuscule size, small wash spaces are commonly neglected in the process of a home renovation or refurbishment. However, your little bathroom needn't suffer in the design stakes, but rather impart practicality, purpose and versatility. 

Here at homify we love a tricky or challenging test, and there is often no greater a task than attempting to update a cloistered, cluttered and neglected small bathroom. To provide you with some ideas and inspiration before you begin your remodel or refresh, we've collated and gathered 10 of our favourite small bathrooms. From industrial-esque wash spaces to neat storage solutions, check out the images below and get a few neat ideas for your new bathroom today!

1. Removing barriers

Baños de estilo  de Ardesia Design
Ardesia Design


Ardesia Design

When you're working with a small space, the last thing you need to be worrying about are walls! This bathroom is waterproof, and works with a barrier-free aesthetic. Industrial in its appeal, the concrete textured walls provide a wash 'bunker' that is both stylish and surprisingly spacious in its ambience. Better yet, the extra room has allowed a large vanity along the wall, with gorgeous twin sinks. 

2. Focus on the tub

Baños de estilo  de Drummonds Bathrooms
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Georgian Farmhouse, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

If you have little space to work with, choose a feature as a standout and work with it. A bathtub is often the largest item in a room; however, it can impart luxury and style effortlessly. Look for small freestanding bathtubs that will fit your space, but still allow the room a sense of airiness.

3. A chalet-style bath/shower combination

The bath/shower combination is a tried and tested staple of the small bathroom. No need to forego comfort, simply add your shower above the tub! This chalet-style example is a beautiful compact space that still evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation.

4. When your bathroom is also your utility room

Baños de estilo  de Polygon arch&des
Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

If your utility room is within your bathroom, check out some smart joinery options. Neat cupboards will allow you to hide your washer and dryer stylishly and efficiently.

If you need assistance with cupboards and joinery, speak to a professional via the homify website today!

5. Simple and sleek

Neutral is always a fabulous colour scheme for a compact space, and this wash space proves it! Check out the statement contrasting vanity that imparts interest and an eye-catching feature to the bathroom.

6. Effective wall storage

When you are lacking space in your bathroom, the walls provide the ideal area to incorporate storage. Take some cues from these examples, and ensure your room is well equipped.

7. Laundry basket and matching linen

Spear set baño de FERM Living: Baños de estilo  de Interiortime

Spear set baño de FERM Living


If you are unable to undertake a full-blown renovation, simple changes can help your space feel stylish and updated. This laundry basket and shower curtain combination is gorgeously bright and helps bring to life the small bathroom.

8. Accessorise with style

Accesorios de baño: Baños de estilo  de hhhaus

Accesorios de baño


Choose your accessories wisely! More often than not, less is more, and you won’t require too much to make your space feel renewed and unique. Pick quality over quantity.

9. Add a plant!

Jardín de estilo  de Loop the Loop
Loop the Loop

Galvanised metal plant pot

Loop the Loop

Plants have a wonderful ability to bring spaces to life, as well as purifying the air around them. Look for indoor plants that require a small amount of light, and add to a dull or dreary corner of your compact bathroom.

10. Surprisingly luxurious

For the last bathroom on our list we are taking a look at this compact yet highly luxurious space. Effortlessly chic, the rain shower head and stone wall panelling look sophisticated and sleek.

We hope our Ideabook provided you with some handy tips and tricks to get you on the path to bathroom harmony! If you would like some more domestic inspiration, check out: Bathroom fittings and fixtures

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