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9 simple ways to keep your kitchen spotless

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Of all the rooms in one's house, the kitchen is undeniably the hardest to keep clean. With so many surfaces, nooks, corners, and pokey spaces, ensuring it is spotless is often an exercise in futility! However, your kitchen needn't feel like chaotic explosion of endless cleaning chores, nor does it need to end in weekend purification marathons. Today on homify we've got some neat ways to help you keep your cooking space flawless and immaculate. 

Do you need some tips, tricks and handy hints? Read on to learn about 9 simple ways you can keep your kitchen gleaming and sanitary! From employing better storage, to setting yourself a regular routine, there are plenty of different ways you can ensure your home is sparkling and hygienic. 

1. Make baking soda your new BFF

Baking soda is a one-stop-solution to your entire kitchen cleaning needs. Mix baking soda with water and use it to mop your floors. Make a baking soda, lemon juice and water mixture to remove grime, oil and other difficult kitchen spills. Keep baking soda on hand, as well as white vinegar, and you have a chemical free alternative to clean virtually any surface in your home. 

2. Employ a regular cleaning routine

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Forget about that last minute mega-clean, you need to employ a regular cleaning routine to ensure your space is spotless. It is far easier to clean a little each day, than to overhaul the kitchen weekly. Wipe away wall splatters when they occur, clean spills, and don't leave dishes in the sink, to give yourself a head start towards a clean and stylish space. 

3. Sort our your pantry!

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As days turn to years, pantries tend to accumulate a range of items, some that may be useful, and others that are sure to be out of date and unusable. Take some time to audit your storage spaces, and keep the kitchen looking and feeling deeply cleaned. 

4. Get rid of stone counter stains

As many of us know, over time kitchen worktops and counters can become stained from many different items, as well as general use. Most of these stains can be removed by adding a little hydrogen peroxide in water, plus a few drops of ammonia. 

Additionally, look for industrial grade stainless steel wool to buff scratches from their surface. Once clean, chat to a professional to have the stone resealed correctly. 

5. Cover open cupboards with curtains

Many of us have rental homes that we are unable to change. In a kitchen this can be an issue as it often means the style and decor might not be to your taste. Here the owners of this chic kitchen have added curtains to the front of their open cupboards to keep the space looking spotless and organised. 

6. Employ cupboard 'tidies'

Instead of throwing everything into the cupboard, why not look for retrofitted accessories that can help you to keep the space neat and tidy? This example is a fabulous demonstration of a kitchen tidy at work doing its bit to make sure the area is usable and sleek. 

7. Clean your fruit bowl regularly

Fruit bowls tend to contain fruit that is past its expiration date, and has started to grow mould. Keep your worktop looking fabulous by keeping the fruit in your bowl audited and fresh. 

8. Get things off of your worktop

One of the biggest problems with keeping a kitchen clean is that there is always something on the counter, creating a place for grime and dirt to hide. Move everything from your surfaces, and ensure there are no awkward corners or hiding spots that create a nuisance. 

If you want to redecorate your cooking space, and employ something similar to the example above, chat to a kitchen designer via the homify website and get some stylish interior design advice. 

9. Use salt to clean cast iron

If you have awkward food stains on cast iron pots or stovetop grills, grab some coarse salt, pour into a damp kitchen towel or sponge and scour away until the grime has been safely removed. Dry with a towel or fire up the burner to dry any moisture. 

Did these tips provide a few ideas and inspiration to keep your cooking space clean? If you would like to learn more about kitchen cleaning, check out: Guide to mothproofing your kitchen

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