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Valencian Pilota is a traditional handball sport from Spain, usually only played in the Valencian Community. It is considered a variation of the Basque Pelota. The ball is usually struck with a bare hand in a game involving two teams, placed facing each other separated by a line on the ground or a net. 일본야동닷컴

The sport is played by hitting a small ball with your hands. The game is played by two teams, there is no fixed number of players, but both sides are made up of equal numbers of players. The game can be played on both streets and courts.

This game is very simple and interesting, but it also requires strength to play. The game is played with a small ball made of cowhide. But different balls are used in different forms of sport. Players need to wear gloves to protect their hands.

Different kinds of balls used in different forms of the game 

Badana ball -  This ball is a softball that is used to play Llargues. Players don’t need gloves to play  with this ball. These balls are usually made of rags and sheepskin. The ball is almost incapable of regularly bouncing.

Tec ball - a very fast and bouncing ball. Because it is very tough, protection is required. The ball takes its name after its characteristic sound. This ball is made of wood and is covered by goat’s skin.

Vaqueta ball - it is a very fast ball and bounces well. Players must wear protective equipment. It is made of wood and covered with leather.

Galotxetes ball -  it is very big and heavy, but it can be played without protection. It cannot bounce. It is made of rags with sticking plasters