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The Unique Cottage Home

Leigh Leigh
K-MÄLEON Haus GmbH Casas de estilo moderno Hormigón reforzado Blanco
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Are you preparing to build a house, but you can't decide whether it should be a classic, permanent home or a prefabricated house?

Today, we have an interesting alternative in store by the Berlin-based K- MÄLEON Haus.

These innovative designers have joined together two types of houses, making the most of the advantages of each. We are going to see how the benefits of a prefab home and the benefits of a permanent home come together to create something unique and spectacular. The special feature: load-bearing wall.

So let's go and explore a hybrid home in the following photographs!

Quick and Chick

From the outside, we can see that the home is a single-storey cottage. It is arranged in an L-shape and boasts a spacious terrace. The large windows are incredibly modern, allowing a lot of light into the home.

In the case of the hybrid home, you don't have to spend hours and hours planning. In fact, all that you need to do is choose a home plan and that's it! At the factory, it will take about three days to assemble, after which the interior design is performed within three months.

Then you can move into your own home!

Excellent Insulation

On the other side of the house, we can see that it also features large windows, which allow natural light to flood into the interior. 

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The 40cm thick walls retain heat, insulate the home and dull any noise. 

The facade elements ensure that the air temperature remains temperate and that there is a healthy atmosphere in the home.

If necessary, you could also install solar panels on the roof of this home. Solar Panels are responsible for energy storage, which optimises energy consumption.

Flexible Interior

Before we explore the interior, let us have a look at the plans of the building. We can see that each room has been planned out carefully and individually, but remains flexible, working with the load-bearing walls.

The house can be issued in three sizes in terms of floor surface: 151 square metres, 180 square metres or 211 square metres.

This sample contains three bedrooms that are almost exactly the same size, two bathrooms, a utility room and a spacious living room, dining room area and kitchen.

Modern and full of light

This overhead shot of the living room, dining area and kitchen shows us show spacious and modern the cottage is and how it has been designed as an open plan space.

There is plenty of natural light, not only from the large windows in the home, but also from the skylights in the roof. The decor is modern and decorated in bright shades.

The cosy arrangement

This cottage can be decorated according to the needs or desires of the inhabitants, whether they prefer minimalist, rustic or retro – it all depends on you! 

What we have here is a spacious interior with plenty of natural light. This is like play dough for us – you can freely form the living space according to your preferences.

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Individual considerations

From this angle, we can see a little bit more detail when it comes to this cottage. The roof makes up a four-sided glass pyramid, which attracts even more light into the interior. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the stars, thanks to the magnificent views of the sky.

The dome is completed in double-glazed safety glass and thus we will never have to worry about rainfall, wind or snow. Everything will drain away from the windows and roof.

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