A Beautiful Cedar Jacuzzi For a Spectacular House in Ibiza

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Jacuzzi de cedro para una espectacular casa en Ibiza, CASÁRBOL CASÁRBOL Madera maciza
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After a long tiring day at work, people just require a jacuzzi to relax and enjoy a pampering session at home. But to select a suitable jacuzzi design, you need something that can meet your comfort and space-based requirements while beautifully complementing the décor of your house. Here,

Casarbol – an exclusive pool and spa distributor for Spain of the Nordic bathtubs of the brand Saint-Rvatt, has installed a remarkably designed jacuzzi on the demand of the owner of this splendid house in Ibiza. The design of the jacuzzi can be seen perfectly aligning with the rustic décor of the house and the bohemian essence of this island. Continue to read to explore more about the gorgeous setting of the house as well as the design of this finely fashioned jacuzzi.

Well-planned outdoor design

While deciding the best possible jacuzzi design for this house, the distributor strictly kept in mind the noble materials used for the construction of the outdoor space as well as the overall modern rustic appeal to allow the jacuzzi to smoothly blend in with the rest of the setting. Here, besides the smartly crafted wooden furniture, what instantly catches your eye is the use of numerous natural origin elements in the form of décor pieces. Moreover, from the wooden planks used for the floor to the hangings made of bamboo fibres, everything looks well-coordinated with each other.

Swaying palms and elegant swimming pool area

This picture gives you a clear idea of how well-built the pool area is. This entire section helps mimic the bohemian touch of the island while making sure that you receive a relaxing ambience. Surrounded by the lush greenery of palm trees and featuring comfortable pool side beds, wooden umbrellas and raw stones, this pool area has all the elements that can give you an exotic feel.

Interesting lounging space

Next to the swimming area and the jacuzzi spot, is a beautiful garden that provides a serene ambience to caress your five senses. Here, in this garden, you can see an exceptionally designed lounge swing that allows you to simply slide in to have a quick nap or read your books. Covered from the top and sides, and made from natural fibres, this swing keeps you protected from the extreme heat outside while keeping the inside space well-ventilated.

Unwind in the lap of nature

Installed in a corner section of the pretty garden and encircled by green trees, this cedar jacuzzi allows you to unwind and relax your mind and body while appreciating the beauty of nature. Not only the green background is comforting for the eyes, but the cool breeze coming from the whole area can make your dip in the water even more enjoyable.

Skilfully constructed jacuzzi design

There is nothing greater than basking in sunlight while getting some rest, and this finely crafted cedar jacuzzi ensures just that and more. Although it appears to be compact, this round jacuzzi has plenty of space for you and your friends to dip in the water and make a splash. Also, the cedar stairs installed outside make it easier for you to effortlessly get yourself inside the tub.

Highly functional jacuzzi

The design of the jacuzzi not only appeals to the eyes and complements the surroundings, but it also delivers maximum functionality and comfort. Inside it, a bench space has been installed to let the family members comfortably sit and talk for hours while allowing the hot water to take away the pain in the joints and muscles. Additionally, it is important to note that cedar is an excellent choice for this green garden, as cedar wood acts as a natural mosquito and insect repellent.

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