Stay away from 7 bedroom decorating mistakes

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Stay away from 7 bedroom decorating mistakes

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Everything looks beautiful in a bedroom when all the elements complement each other well. This principle is applicable in all aspects of life too, not just décor or creative works. Many of us are mistaken when it comes to choosing the right furnishing or decorative accent in a bedroom, and tend to associate these mistakes with lack of professional experience or an eye for detail. But even without any sort of professional training or experience, you can learn how to adorn your sleeping and resting nook with élan. Remember that, a bedroom often doesn’t receive as much attention as the living space, and hence the décor errors happen. So the first essential step is to spare a thought to all the aspects of your bedroom décor, and correct the commonly made mistakes.

The Wrong Size Rug

When implemented in the right proportions, everything can add a lot of value to life. The same principle is applicable to design elements too. A right sized rug with a pleasing design can add warmth to your bedroom and make for a standout accessory. On the contrary, an oversized or wrong sized rug may scream for the wrong kind of attention. And if it has loud and big prints or patterns, it will be just too much. So make the right choice by first deciding on the proportions and the location of the rug for your bedroom. Take a cue from thiscosy, rustic bedroom designed by Opera S.R.L, architects from Civitanova Marche. Note how the bright rectangular rugs have been boldly paired with the circular bed for an exclusive look!

A Crowded Closet

An overstuffed or crowded closet means that you are fitting in too many things in limited space. Though there are interesting ways to make the most of limited space, but this is not the way to go about it. A crowded closet will be very time consuming as you will need to spend a lot of time finding clothes or the necessary items, while a well organized closet with only the required elements, it will keep you super-organized, happy and add to the beauty of the bedroom. For all the extra stuff, try putting the space under your bed or in the attic to good use!

Unframed posters

Unframed posters can look cool in certain settings like college dormitories, or your bachelor pad, but not later in life. Unframed posters can make the entire area appear shabby in an otherwise sophisticated bedroom. If you want to keep such posters as it is, add them to your children’s room for some quirk and if he or she likes the idea! Else, go for beautiful framed posters or artworks which will stand out and go well with the rest of the bedroom décor. You can also try other décor options like murals, wall decals or sculptures for an artistic touch.

Cord Overload

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Variedad de cables de lamparas Pitaya


Everyone wants to keep their gadgets close nowadays, even while they are resting or sleeping. But sometimes, these gadgets like phones and laptops lie so close, that there is an overload of cords in the bedroom. Too many cords are not only an unpleasant sight but they can be a hazard too. So you can either reduce your cords or camouflage them by using Washi tapes or other similar materials. These camouflage materials can be designed with interesting patterns or pleasing colours, to add a hint of visual interest. For instance, a cord can be covered with a craft paper printed with your favourite quote or nature imagery for a calming effect.

A cluttered desk

There is actually no need to emphasise the mental chaos a cluttered desk can create in our professional life. Yet many people don’t mind cluttering their bedroom desk, since it is not their office desk and that they spend very little time on it. And then again, many people have set up their offices in their homes or are using a portion of their bedroom as their home office. In all cases, a cluttered desk is an unpleasant sight and surely creates unwanted distractions. After all no one really likes mess.  So clear all the unwanted clutter from your desk, and get it into shape. Just keep what is absolutely necessary, and stow away others in drawers or cabinets in the bedroom.

Unsightly laundry piles

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Many times, unsightly laundry remains piled up in the bedroom to hide them from living room or bathroom. The result is that, the laundry pile keeps rising and you don’t get enough time to clear it up.  This not only makes the room messy but the odour coming out from the clothes seems to spread gradually throughout the bedroom; spoiling the mood and degrading the air quality. It might make you grumpy, irritated and is very unhealthy. You can stack your laundry in a pretty basket or a hamper which will be pleasing and handy. You can try and put together a pretty basket yourself too, in case you are crafty. The laundry bag shown above is just perfect for nurseries!

Kitschy or mismatched sheets

Kitschy or mismatched sheets can take away all the beauty from the bedroom and make it look unappealing. Always ensure that the sheets look fresh, are fragrant and do not carry unpleasing textures, patterns or prints. You can always be playful or experiment with the colours and patterns, but they need to complement the décor. Every design or element has something to express and if the expression is clearly understood or is in line with your requirements, you can go for it, else drop the idea of bringing it in to your bedroom, no matter how trendy it is.   

So a great bedroom awaits you, once you make the most of our clever tips. Here is another ideabook which you may find useful - Eight creative ideas for stylish bedside tables!

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