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A plush family home filled with classic beauty!

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
Heloisa Titan Arquitetura Salones de estilo clásico Cobre/Bronce/Latón Ámbar/Dorado
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This family home oozes extravagance and oopmh. Being over the top is only okay if you can pull it off with élan, and this home surely does that. Thus plush fabrics like silk and velvet, look great next to stunning crystal chandeliers and shiny marble flooring in this home. The entire home sticks to muted shades of beige, brown and grey. Use of glass and bright lighting everywhere enlivens up this exquisite home, and makes it look even more dazzling.

Living room

The first thing that strikes one about the living room is the sense of royal beauty. The predominant colours are all muted, but it's the textures that bring in a touch of luxury. Be it the soft beige woolen rug, the velvet sofas, the silk upholstery of the armchairs, or the ornate souvenirs strewn around everywhere. While the sofas and the coffee table are contemporary in their design, the armchairs and the side tables bring in a touch of old world charm with their wooden cabriole legs and tufted backrests. A generous dose of grey cushions scattered everywhere makes this room even more comfortable.

Another Perspective

A wooden bar cart on one side of the armchairs, a crystal lamp in a corner, and a modern painting screaming for attention on another wall, add the final plush touches to this luxurious living room. A modern armchair made of metal and wood stands out in the room because of its unusual design, but still manages to blend in because of the beige cushion that sits on its off white upholstery.

The dining area

The dining area which is part of the living room itself, also tries to bring east and west together. Here rectangular wooden frames of the dining table and chairs, the table's glass top and black upholstery criss-crossed behind the chairs, have been combined with two armchairs with white ornate frames, cabriole legs, and black silk upholstery. The dining table sits on a woolen rug similar to the one in the living room, except it is of a slightly darker shade. A mirror wall on one side, and a glass wall draped in soft white chiffon curtains makes this space look both more bigger and better. A crystal chandelier on a backlit double ceiling, and glass cabinets displaying crystal cutlery, add the final plush touches to this space.

Personal elements

There are many elements in the living room that prevent this space from looking like any other well to do home. Be it crystal swans on the mirror top coffee table, a family photograph on a side table, or a wedding cake top souvenir next to a plant; there are many things in this room that give a us a glimpse of its owner. Even the choice of the bold yet subtle painting flaunts the owner's modern minimal style. The main door with its huge wooden frame gives us an idea about the live it large personality of this home owner.

Beyond the living area

Beyond the living area lies a stairway that leads to the bedrooms above. The floor to ceiling windows spanning two floors next to the stairs, make this area look both spacious and magnificent. Here too modern and classic lie side by side. On one side of the stairs is a modern white table turned into a desk with two simple wooden stools, while on the other side stands a narrow ornate table covered in golden filigree work. The oriental lamps on the wall, green glass vases and even the metal curios on the side table lend this space a definite classic touch.

The stairway

If the huge glass windows bathe the stairway with plenty of light during the day, a round crystal chandelier above keeps it well lit at night too. Add to this the abundant use of white – the white marble flooring, white walls and ceiling, white chiffon curtains – make this stairway look bigger and brighter. Two paintings with similar ornate frames adorn the walls on the same side of two landings and bring in a sense of symmetrical beauty. While a plant in a corner breathes in a bit of friendly freshness.

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