9 Bathroom ornaments to give it a stylish edge

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Bathrooms today are no longer those cramped windowless musty spaces and in all homes are spacious with designer shower cabinets, well laid out lighting arrangements and skid free floors. As people are travelling more and have access to information about décor ideas they are not willing to compromise on overall aesthetics and expense if they can afford it. The abundance of attractive bathroom accessories in the market both online and offline has made it fairly easy for bathroom designers to use materials that complement style of the region. Here are some details some of which can also be called bathroom necessities that also can work as bathroom décor. 

1. Designer flower pot

Bring your bathroom to life with attractive wall paper and add fun elements like colorful planter like her that compliments overall color palette of this region. 

2. Work table as a counter

In this classic style bathroom with floor fashioned out of stone and rocks the designer wanted to let go of traditional counter and bring in something unique. A wooden work-table style cabinet acts as a storage place for small essentials and also as support for the wash-basic.

3. Stool

Small handcrafted wooden stools have been used for several years in all parts of the house so why not use it in the bathroom too. Keep it close to the tub to stock bathing accessories, plants or even magazines that can be enjoyed while soaking in the tub. Here they are just the right size to allow children to reach the counter or even adults to relax in while grooming themselves. 

4. Lighting

Decorative lighting is another interesting ornament that can be used to decorate the bathroom. See these interesting scones that lighting up the mirrors and the walls around them can be used light up the counter area like here. 

5. Laundry basket

Laundry basket is very important to stack dirty clothes instead of just throwing them on the floor. Usually wicker baskets with or without covers are used for this purpose and the one here just outside the shower area is ideal for the purpose. While it may not exactly be an ornament but it is an essential part of every bathroom. 

6. Cute bathroom accessories

Most designer bathroom products manufacturers also design top quality signature style accessories for the bathroom to keep soap, handwashing dispenser, cotton balls holder, towel rings, faucets, taps and several more. These accessories are designed keeping several themes in mind so it is easier for buyers to select sets that match color palette of existing bathroom. 

7. Wall art

Don't limit your taste for fine art to living room, corridor or bedroom but instead carry it forward to the bathroom. Canvas prints and designs made on metal surfaces are water resistant and don't get affected by heat and humidity in the bathroom. You can either choose abstract art of water themed details like starfish, beach scenes or creatures of deep sea as bathroom art. 

8. Open storage

This aesthetically pleasing etagere is an ideal storage place for essentials if your bathroom lacks closed cabinets. Designed out of wood and steel this open shelf unit is a stylish accessory cum furniture for your bathroom that can be used to show off linen collection and grooming products or just stack scented candles and small plants. 

9. Wicker baskets and colorful pots

Wicker baskets are ideal for increasing your storage space in bathrooms which lack pull put cabinets and drawers. While these make it easier to find regular use essentials like toilet paper, soap, bathing salts etc, tiny colorful pots here with multiple scrubs in multiple shapes and sizes make he environment ideal for relaxation.   


If you like these ideas and want help in choosing the idea bathroom ornaments then do view these ideas about how to choose the right bathroom accessories.

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