12 Ideas to make your home beautiful and stylish

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After buying a dream house everyone aspires to decorate it in an attractive way from inside and outside but sometimes due to lack of space, budget or ideas these desires remain unfulfilled. So before buying or building a house make a clear estimate if it will be able to meet family needs for a few decades at least and decorate it so that it remains intact for many years that reflects your personality and style. Your home should be comfortable with modern elements, so it is important to include the latest style trends. Each country has its own style and culture which sets it apart from other cultures and Malaysia being a multicultural nation is home to many vibrant colors, design styles and trends. While decorating your house use objects, elements, colors and patterns that reflect traditional roots and modern sensibilities. Here are some home decor ideas that will help to enhance every part of your house and make it look stylish and attractive .

1. Abstract art in frames

This trendy industrial style bedroom has been given a unique fillip with abstract art that has been framed on the wall like a picture gallery. Drop down lighting adds to the air of careless sophistication here.

2. Trendy ceiling design

False ceiling are a huge trend now that can be used in combination with recessed lighting to make the ceiling appear like an open sky with twinkling stars or a galaxy. What do you think about this ceiling design, where the combination of geometric cutouts interspersed with lights gives an artistic feel to the room? Calling this a magical decoration would be an understatement is it enhances the decoration style of this living room. The beautiful lights between the geometric cutouts further deepen the effect and looks seductive in the dark.

3. Decorative mirror

While installing a decorative mirror ensure that it is installed at a vantage from from were attractive items in the region are reflected. Like offering a panoramic view outside a window or the gallery or even artistic painting hanging on the opposite wall or a decoration that you enjoy watching. In such a room one can picture the beautiful world by its mirror !!

4. Charming mixture of colors

Bright colors and bold prints are an essential part of Asian culture but that does not mean that they should be used in the decoration of the house in a random way because it can make the house look chaotic. Give importance to one or two colors in every room and keep in mind that dark colors in the room should always be complementary, such as the orange and green colors in this room. Always combine darker colors with neutral colors like white, cream, black or brown and keep pace with furniture, curtains and other decor items.

5. Dressing room to suit personality

Turn a section of your bedroom into a dressing area and use partition like curtains or sliding glass doors to give it a luxurious touch. This charming dressing area with a large mirror and adorably decorated chair resonates with serene glamour.

6. Unique combination of kitchen and dining area

Lack space for an exclusive dining room? Then make a beautiful combination by combining it with an open kitchen like this. You can create subtle variations by using different wall colors or furniture in dining and kitchen area or combine it with a long breakfast bar like the one present here.

7. Uniquely designed furniture

Furniture in general is made of wood such as ebony and rosewood and most people embellish it with symbols of ancient carvings or traditional shapes. Tables and chairs made of wood carved with geometric, floral or abstract patterns showcase the art lover inside you. But here the focus is on unique design of dining chairs that make them stand out.

8. Exclusive decor elements

The house should have a beautiful integration of modern and traditional decor. It is important to pay attention to various decorations at home and accessories like vase, wall decor, craft pieces, glass sculpture etc made of wood, brass or copper. All these details give cultural richness to your home like the exclusive wall clock that looks like a piece of art.

9. Private space for kids

When every part of the house is being decorated why should the children room be ignored. The decor details may be more suitable to a small child but storage area has been designed keeping in mind future needs as it grows up.

10. Showcase your personality on the floor too

The floor is generally chosen to keep the home temperature low in tropical climate. Granite floors are the best because they do not stain quickly and are more durable than others. Then comes marble that gives attractive glow though it may fade over time. The most affordable are ceramic tiles that have different color and design options that can be chosen to suit the budget and decoration. Add character to your gallery or corridor floors with tiles that look like a beautifully patterned mat or carpet as here.

11. Strategic view

Don't let lack of space reduce your ability to enjoy life if your house is located in a strategic place. This exclusive glass frontage abutting the balcony gives a panoramic view of the city so when there is nothing interesting on the telly one can just enjoy city lights.

12. Private Nook for relaxation

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Last but not the least every home needs a private area were adults can relax after a tiring chore. While it can be within the bedroom or study there is every likelihood that other members of the family may also want to use it. The owner of this house has therefore set up a private nook with just a resting chair, table and floor lamps where any member can relax for a few hours or more between several house chores.

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