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Apart from the feature walls, chandeliers and attractive decor items what would you like to add to the house to make it unique? Have you ever considered the thought of making staircase as special element or decorative part of the house. Whether you live in a duplex apartment or a multi-level house an elegantly designed staircase can be a central feature along while connecting two or three levels of the house.

We have chosen these 8 modern staircase designs to add to the house or apartment which are also attractive and affordable while blending into overall architecture.

1. Open industrial style

in keeping with the simple aesthetic style of this house where open spaces are welcomed the staircase is just meant to follow the basic function of connecting two levels. Simple polished wooden planks are connected on a steel frame that winds elegantly upwards to form a staircase that represents industrial style.

2. Glass panels with wooden staircase.

Using glass panels instead of regular steel or metal railings has given this staircase a spacious air. It also exposes the warm brown wooden staircase while giving an open feel to the dark area of this beautiful house. This modern staircase design made with wooden pieces and glass panels with simple wooden railing helps to create a beautiful atmosphere in the house.

3. Magical staircase

Uniquely designed this magical staircase add fun elements to the room and reflects overall design elements of this house that is a picture of luxury and lavish design. This soft beige staircase edged with gold that also has balustrades in similar golden color presents an attractive picture. The entire structure winding up in a stylish curvaceous manner is the center of attraction in this home. Get an experienced architect to design special structures like this to ensure that the staircase looks like an integral part of the house design.

4. Stately classical design

If you have stairs at the entrance of your house and do not want the foot region to become crowded when there are plenty of guests then adopt a grand flight of stairs with plenty of standing room at the bottom. This classical staircase design created with the help of a professional designer blends in with the plan to give this charming European style home an impressive touch.

5. Steel and wood extravaganza

If wood is the dominant feature in a home, then adding interesting elements such as wooden stairs is a nice way to maintain symphony. It provides warmth in the atmosphere while providing a relaxing experience and the open area in the middle of the staircase keeps the region airy and bright. This staircase design idea maintains subtle connections between both levels in a timeless manner.

6. Curvy spiral staircase

Abandon the legendary broad staircase design and select this curvy spiral staircase design that used to a part of old lighthouses. The all metal tightly would staircase uses very limited vertical space and adds an industrial feel to the home. Though it looks a little precarious from this angle due to its winding design it is as safe as regular designs.

7. Creation in Wood

The floating feature of this staircase brings both levels in a stylish way with wooden planks that look as if they have been stacked together against the wall. Borneo timber has been utilized here to insulate the bedrooms of this home and also to break down the building mass. Untreated timber strips have been used here at the owners' request to create alluring atmosphere.

8. A touch of luxury

Artistic use of natural stone and glass has been done here to create staircase of modern sensibilities which looks spectacular. It may look fragile and delicate but it is safe for all, including children and old members of the family as the pieces designed with Plexiglas prevent every possibility of slipping or falling.

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