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El loft de un fotógrafo

Marisa Alcore Marisa Alcore
FLAT FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER Alex Gasca, architects. Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo mediterráneo
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In the Raval district of Barcelona, in a building dating from 1860, the architectural Alex Gasca has renovated an apartment small size: a space of 40 square meters has become the home of a photographer. Removed the partitions and created a single, fluid space where light has become the main material. An intangible material that bathes the entire area, which blurs the meetings and that makes every one of your textures shine imperfectly. A place where there are no dark rooms, but the visual open and crossed. 

El concepto

Next Sant Antoni market, on the top floor of the six-storey building will find this home that opens views mixed neighborhood in which it is located. Large gaps open up the floor allow light to penetrate the interior and flood every corner of this space restored. And it is precisely this, natural lighting, which has marked the project in its various issues such as materiality or distribution. For this reason, one of the actions taken was to remove old partitions and create an open and fluid space where light box glass becomes the only unifying element. 

Las zonas

With this perspective we see this glass partition member. An elongated glass box separates two distinct uses. On the right, a spacious bedroom lit by two large open holes in the wall; left, a coated marble kitchen where conceived as a closed piece wooden bench space. These two areas do not complete the full width of the house, releasing a strip that runs the length 9 meters from the entrance to the opposite wall. An imaginary band from where you can see the entire space. We can sense here the day area, which may take different characters as we approach the kitchen or sleeping area is located. 

La materialidad

During demolition of interior partitions and lift the old pavement were discovered items that were necessary to bring to light. Elements that dignify the project to which we are and that make this apartment shine in a special way, with an eye to its origin. We talk about stone aféizares the holes, the wood ceiling beams and stone walls. Construction elements that have remained with her imperfect perfection and stand on materials introduced in interveci. So fabulous wrought wooden joists and left revoltones seen as it is sincere and wild fashion, making the space take certain historical character despite its contemporary design. As the walls, some others are left viewed and treated with sand and are painted white, demonstrating the value of different textures that are undertaken in space. Textures are treated sincerely, trying to call attention to any other and take its natural beauty, without masks. Following this line, the floor is paved with oak, introducing a color according to the color palette of the other elements. 

La misteriosa caja

Now introduced in that glass box we are able to discover, but perhaps we could have guessed before, what hides inside; It's not about anything but the bathroom. This lightweight and fragile piece, zoned space but allows light to flow in both directions, complements the server area this property spaces. A box that does not touch the roof and from which you can sense the forms that live abroad. A box built by translucent glass blocks. 

And one of these walls is interrupted, leaving an open space, where direct access through the bedroom. In this apartment there are no doors, only the access to housing. And despite this, the space is taking different uses while we walk. 

Inside the toilet has been chosen to design simple lines and shapes, in line with the simplicity that prevails in the rest of the space. As in the box that ends the kitchen, the only inner wall is coated with cement mortar with a final coat of varnish. 

El último secreto

After a full view of the apartment we ask, where spiral staircase that leads? Finished in galvanized steel, if we follow its steps will access to the huge balcony located on the top floor. Nearly the same length as the apartment, this open outdoor space offers spectacular views on the environment, in addition to shedding light on the rest of the space. And in the same way we started this article we will finish it, speaking of light. Intangible element presiding space and dominates, and floods that runs through enhancing every detail and making each part shines with the same ease with which it was built. 

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