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Greenery around the boundary of a house gives it an inviting aura and is also good for its inhabitants. Decorative flower plants in colorful pots around the house periphery and lawn creates pleasant surroundings for family to relax during evening or early morning. Whether you have a small or large garden it is incomplete without proper furniture.

While details like fountains, plants, garden ornaments and other details make it beautiful, furniture can make it a true outdoor relaxation zone. Some people like to make DIY garden furniture while some prefer stylish ones made of sturdy materials that don't need to be brought in everyday. So here are some attractive garden furniture ideas that can be installed artfully in the region and increased or decreased to meet requirements.

1. Built in sofa

Got a small garden? That should not deter you from enjoying its beauty and lovely outdoor greenery. See this smart deck and built in bench made from reclaimed wood which is made comfortable with pretty cushions? The box below the seat is for storage and cushions can be used only when residents are likely to use sofa. A neat arrangement that does not require money or time on maintenance.

2. Bamboo furniture

The easy way to personalize a small sit-out area to enjoy the greenery without worrying about having to rush inside due to rain or sun is to use light bamboo furniture in a traditional veranda like this. Here you can relax and enjoy a cuppa or discuss about interesting topics for a long time.

3. Rectangular cement bench

This may not be exactly a comfortable piece of garden furniture but it suits the visual aesthetics of this stylish mini garden. Flanked by trees on either side and a beautiful cement mural as a backdrop this garden furniture idea is what contemporary landscape architectsstrive to achieve.

4. Sheltered space with fountain backdrop

There are no rules about choosing garden furniture as long as it is comfortable, durable and looks pleasant against the surroundings. This garden furniture idea made of rattan is stylish and is just the right color to suit the surroundings.

5. Charming white

The eclectic beauty of white is hard to deny which is why most garden owners prefer this color for their needs. Here wrought iron furniture designed like art work adds charm to the tiny backyard garden that is everything a small family would love to own.

6. Social area

An easy way to personalize a small garden is easy with the right choice of furniture. While the gardener has taken all efforts to create this sculptured garden, owners have created a cozy space for enjoying outdoors with wooden furniture.

7. Minimalist furniture

In a clean clutter free garden like this which just has a lawn you need to use furniture that enhances its beauty. The owners here have used minimalist wicker furniture that pleasantly transforms the region sitting amidst warmth glow of light from the house.

Love to add garden furniture to your collection? Here are some more garden furniture ideas to lure you outside.

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