8 Ideas to decorate bedroom on a budget

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The bedroom is that private space of the house where you leave all worries and relax to refresh mind and body. The right choice of furniture, color of paint, distribution of space and lighting can make your room feel really comfortable. To give bedroom a truly individualist touch that looks fantastic in every way without spending a fortune on designer items just concentrate on things that make you happy. Instead of throwing out everything focus on keeping things that can be reused or forgotten things that can be rearranged in a different manner.

Most people believe that the bedroom may not look vibrant until it has a combination of good colors and light as that can provide restful sleep. In this idea book our interior designers have given live to some inspirational ideas to make bedroom comfortable and attractive even on a budget

1. Bold Wallpaper

Wall paper never fails to lift the mood and style of a room. Use ones with textured details, murals, natural scenery or other fancy stuff to spice up a dull bedroom.

2. Romantic memories and dreamy lights

Turn a minimalist bedroom into romantic getaway by putting up romantic pictures of courtship and marriage in stylish frames. Interspersed here with industrial style lighting the room is truly a masterpiece.

3. A bold storage area with character

This kind of change in bedroom ambiance requires just a little bit of ingenuity and plenty of imagination. Drop down lights make a cozy study area while the pinup style floating shelves can be used to keep little knick-knacks that are generally kept on the nightstand.

4. Multiple seating options

The simple design of this bedroom shows how furniture even in a small room can coexist in harmony all sharing the same the same color and connecting visually. Here the designers have arranged a series of eclectic furniture pieces and storage solutions in neutral color palette that makes a striking contrast with the boldly patterned floor rug.

5. French windows for strategic view

When your bedroom offers a fantastic view then flaunt it. Instead of a wall install large French windows that offer views without compromising on privacy due to the strategic location.

6. Impact with flowers

Flowers never fail to create an impact so opt for fresh bunch everyday to liven up the bedroom. Choose locally available cut flowers that compliment the color and style scheme of the room that are gentle on the senses. Decorate them in simple vases or pretty containers and if possible keep the collection before a mirror to multiply the effect.

8. Unusual wall paint

Wall paint is considered one of the cheapest way to give a fresh lease of life to a dull room. By combining the right colors that compliment each other it is possible to create a variety of striking effects like tinted, textured on make interesting patterns. Here striking green on the walls is subdued with warm tones on the ceiling and floor while an entire wall made of glass makes the bedroom truly extraordinary.

8. Statement making headrest

The striking headrest and backdrop add character to this master bedroom with simple touches. This design shows that one need not invest in expensive furniture or decorations to design a impressive bedroom.

if you are looking for ideas to transform the bedroom here are 5 colors for a truly soothing bedroom.

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