Chic and Stylish Bedroom Designs from an Interior Designer in Mumbai

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In this article, we are focusing solely on two gorgeous bedrooms. The colour palette of both the bedrooms is incredibly refined and sophisticated. It appeals to the senses of today’s homeowner. While quite different in terms of design and materials used, the two bedrooms maintain a unified theme that ties the whole home together. The bedrooms have been designed by Clickhomz, a team of Interior Designers & Decorators in Mumbai.

The first glimpse

At first glance, the bedroom design looks picture-perfect. That’s because the overall design of the bedroom is stunning with everything well thought out and aesthetically pleasing. The leather wall behind the bed is classy. The shades of light brown around it offset the dark tone of the leather quite well.

The details

The details in the room are astounding. What catches our eye is the circular ceiling lamp. The circles are interlocked, giving it an almost chandelier like feel. The bathroom has a glass wall, which is quite a bold decision for any designer working on a bedroom as it requires privacy.

Another view

The room is quite large, which is apparent in the way the furniture has been arranged. The bedroom has French windows on one side, with curtains covering them. There is a small seating arrangement by the window, offering a relaxing view of the outside.

Unique ceiling design

The ceiling design matches well with the wall behind the bed. The rectangular pattern in leather is replicated in the centre of the ceiling. Surrounding it is a white border, which holds light fixtures.

The second bedroom

Next, we see the other bedroom in the house. Although stylish and modern, it is quite different from the one we saw earlier. Here, we have a tinge of bold colour as well as sober grey. The spacious room is just what one needs for relaxing after returning home in the evening.

A closer look

The wall behind the bed is the primary focus here. The grey used in it is interspersed with white stripes, which brighten up the space. The strips include concealed lighting, and the same design is carried through in other places in the bedroom.

The bathroom

One of the similarities in the design of both bedrooms is the attached bathroom. Modern and sleek, the design is unusual but impressive. It turns the bathroom wall into a feature of the interior décor, maintaining continuity in the design.

A glance upwards

The designers have added unique lighting in the entire room by moving away from the usual light fixtures and instead choosing white strips with concealed lighting. The ceiling has a mix of multi-toned wood and white panels, which make an elegant combination. The overall palette, combined with some bright colour in the linen, creates a perfect visual.

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