Aesthetic Interior Design for a Spacious Four-bedroom Home in Pune

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A home should be designed according to the home owner’s preferences, and this one has been designed to look ostentatious. However, the designers have put in considerable thought to create this impression by using simple and creative ideas. The impression one gets when viewing the home is that it is rich, classy and sophisticated. The colours, textures, and designs have been consciously chosen to create the desired effect. This four-bedroom home in Pune has been designed by the interior designers and decorators of Exemplary Services, and white has been used predominantly to create a stylish and sleek look. 

Fabulous Seating Area

This sitting room is perfect whether one is hosting many people or just a few. The luxurious leather sofas have been arranged beautifully. The soft cream walls complement the texture of the sofa to present a welcoming feel in the space. Rich metallic shades have been used for the cushions to provide a contrast.

Classic Combinations

The design of this room features a classic combination. For ages now, designers have been using light and dark contrasts for interiors. The reason for it is that it works! In this case, we can see how beautifully the tones mingle while creating a visually stunning space. The centre table and the dining table provide dark contrasts among the cream-coloured furniture.

Intimate and Attractive

This is a small yet attractive seating area right below the staircase. The single-seaters look classic and unique. The intricately carved design is perfect against the marble. The rich and dark colour of the wood contrasts the soft tone of the floor.

Amazing Lights

Lighting is a significant aspect of any home’s décor. This lovely central light is the cynosure of attention. The small pebble-like lights dropping from the central fixture add beauty and charm to the room.  The granite floor accentuates the beauty of the soft cream tone of the room.

Classy and Sophisticated Kitchen

Kitchens are an important part of a home, and its décor has a bearing on how the home looks. Here, the designers have used chocolate brown and contrasted it with steel. It gives the kitchen an industrial-chic look, which is quite attractive and impressive.

Clean Lines and Organised Design

The polished look of the kitchen is the result of several things. The glossy look of the floor combined with steel on some portions of the cabinet balance the rustic look of the brown laminate. The soft lights and the stylish ceiling add to the effect.

Sensational Design

Bedrooms are personal spaces that must be designed according to the needs of the client. The rich textures of the wood have been combined with metallic shades in a beautiful manner. What adds a quirky yet charming touch is the panel of corkboard attached to the headboard.

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