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Intelligent Office Design in Gurgaon

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Edificios de oficinas de estilo moderno de Tribuz Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Moderno
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Offices and commercial spaces require a different approach from homes. There are several reasons for this, but the most significant one is the need to create a space that is friendly to employees while being attractive to prospective clients. This creative office space in Gurgaon has been designed by the interior designers and decorators of Tribuz Interiors Pvt. Ltd. One of the most impressive aspects of the office is the emphasis on a unique yet simple design. Lighting is also another aspect that has been given a lot of attention.

Unique Design

This is an unconventional design for an office as usually we are used to seeing a rectangular arrangement of the desks. The circular arrangement is not only unusual but also extremely effective in ensuring a close-knit team that works together efficiently. The meeting space is small yet practical as it is central, making it easily accessible from any corner.

Accessible and Practical

The designers have arranged the rest of the desks around the circular module in the centre. The desks are separated by a small partition that provides a bit of  privacy to the workers. They also feature drawers for storage, making the design functional besides presenting a well-designed area. The designers have installed exceptional lighting in the ceiling to illuminate the entire area. 

Fabulous Meeting Room

The meeting room has an elongated table in a boat-shaped design, making it unique yet perfect for the space. Blinds along one of the walls provide privacy. The chairs have been custom-designed to fit the space. The faux leather makes them comfortable while the sober colour is perfect for an office.

Well-Designed Spaces

Corners have been used wonderfully to make the office look beautiful and stylish. The sizeable circular pillar in the middle could have presented a problem, but it has been beautifully fashioned to become a part of the overall design. The pebbles and the soft lights bring a soothing touch to the space.

Closed Offices

Here, we see a room featuring desks for four employees. One of the walls features a storage unit attached to the desk. The rest of the room has been designed to present a spacious and open feel. The light colour of the wood is a perfect contrast to the bright shade on the walls. It brightens up the area.

Classy Seating Area

Visitors to the office must be comfortable while they wait. The seating area is minimalistic but looks elegant and stylish. The chairs combine well with the glass that has been used all around the room. A simple framed glass partition with a door separates the waiting area from the main office.

Modest Lobby

While the lobby might be small, it is incredibly effective in creating a smart and stylish look. The desk sits in one corner and is well-lit, providing an inviting feel for people as they approach it. The grey floor and the light colour wood create an excellent contrast in the space.

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