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The amazing benefits of Go4cork products

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Hogar Go4cork Comedores de estilo moderno Corcho
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It’s 2020, and by this time (hopefully) most of our planet’s inhabitants have realised that we should all be doing a little bit extra to help reduce our carbon footprint. Fortunately, lots of professional companies are going out of their way to live (and sell) a greener lifestyle, and one example that deserves a special mention is Go4cork.

Dearly committed to top-notch results when it comes to the interior design / construction industry, the experts at Go4cork are also very big on helping our planet stay alive and healthy for as long as possible. This is achieved by ensuring one of Earth’s most natural materials is used in its rich variety of products: cork. 

Not sure how Go4cork manages to make a difference, or how it can benefit you as a consumer? Simply keep reading…  

1. Enhance your interiors’ visual splendour

Comedor Go4cork Comedores de estilo moderno Corcho



Cork shows us just how versatile it can be in the form of decorative panels and wall designs by Go4cork. Ideal for any house, office, or other interior space (irrespective of size, layout, or design style), these options are available in numerous looks to enhance your specific style. And did we mention that these cork-composite strips are easily self-adhesive in case you are proud of your DIY talents? 

Another exciting fact worth mentioning is cork’s unique texture / pattern that can add the perfect backdrop to your interiors, ripe and ready to be complemented by any additional accessories or furniture pieces in your home / office. 

2. Make use of underlayment for your floors

Aislamiento Go4cork Suelos Corcho



Don’t think that cork’s versatility is exclusive to wall / vertical surfaces, because Go4cork can help you up the quietness and peacefulness of your home / office thanks to this natural material’s ability to lower footsteps’ noise levels. In addition, a room’s temperature and humidity can also be stabilised perfectly thanks to cork’s amazing impact on a space’s micro-climate and acoustic readings.

3. Make your home so much more practical

Posavasos Go4cork Comedores de estilo moderno Corcho



Although cork’s ability to be made into coasters, placements, trays and trivets is nothing new, we can’t skip over this stylish benefit as it helps to make our kitchens, dining rooms, bars, and even living rooms (plus any other space where hot plates and cold drinks are frequently enjoyed) so much more practical. Made out of cork, these trivets, coasters, and other aforesaid pieces benefit just about any space down to cork’s insulated, lightweight, and waterproof properties.

4. Save some practical pieces for your office, too

Alfombrilla para el ratón Go4cork Estudios y despachos de estilo moderno Corcho

Alfombrilla para el ratón


Any place of work needs to be as practical as possible to ensure a smooth and efficient flow for the employees. And even here Go4cork treats us via its series of professionally constructed   mouse pads, computer bases, cork memo boards, and world map memo boards. Made from cork (what else?), these pieces add a dash of functionality and visual beauty to any office quickly and efficiently! 

5. Rely on cork for your building tools

Materiales de construcción sostenibles Go4cork Paredes y suelos de estilo moderno Corcho

Materiales de construcción sostenibles


Don’t overlook cork’s tremendous thermal- and acoustic advantages – Go4cork certainly didn’t when those experts adapted these advantages into building materials (more specifically, insulation boards). Thanks to this ingenious creation, cork can successfully insulate our homes (and offices) on the inside and out.

In terms of sound-damping abilities, cork shines once again by lessening noise levels from street traffic, loud neighbours, and even the soft vibrations of kitchen appliances and air-conditioning units when used as part of your house / office’s building materials. 

It’s simply fantastic when we take into account the uses and advantages cork offers us, especially considering that it helps all of us to live much greener, more sustainable lives in the 21st century! 

For a more in-depth look at cork’s flexibility (and advantages), let’s move on to Better floors thanks to Go4cork’s cork underlays

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