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Yogita Singh
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Living rooms are the heart of a home. Apart from receiving and entertaining people in the space, it is also used extensively for lounging. The seating arrangement must be based on several factors such as available space and layout. Here are some fantastic ways in which to decorate living rooms, using a range of options in textures, patterns, and colour combinations. These designs have been put together by the team of professionals from Yogita SinghPune.

Spacious and Sophisticated

When one has the luxury of space, it is always best to stick with a theme and execute it accordingly. This beautiful living room is an excellent example of it. The blue colour of the sofa creates a serene and calm appearance. The walls have been kept neutral to balance the dark coloured upholstery. It is essential to add patterns to the décor as it adds charm to the room. Here, alcoves featuring collectables, vases and other artefacts have textured walls in the background. A bright mural in the ceiling adds a dramatic touch.

White Splendour

White is a fantastic colour for a living room. Nothing defines elegance and sophistication as it does. What is also great about the colour is that it is easy to coordinate other shades with it. For instance, this living room looks subtle as the designers have opted for grey as the coordinating colour. The stunning artwork adds colour and vibrancy to the interiors. A high ceiling is made attractive by adding colours and abstract patterns to it.

Rustic Appearance

Sometimes, living rooms share space with a dining area, like in this home. Here, the designers have opted for a rustic and earthy appearance. The first thing to do would be to create a focal point. In this case, the wall is the focal feature, and it has been given a distressed yet charming brick effect. The dining table has been set against it, and therefore there is some contrast from the furniture. The living room has also been designed in a single colour, which helps in creating an illusion of space. Simple room dividers contribute style to the room.

Colourful and Vibrant

This living room is ideal for those who love colour. It is a bold look for a living room, but it appears balanced and well-designed. The large wall which hosts the TV has been given a stone frame. The deep rust and gold tones in the centre brighten up the space beautifully. The large windows have a small ledge that has been designed as a seating area. The floor-level seating has been customised to suit the space. What adds a magical touch is the cushions in multiple colours.

Magic with Stairs

Duplex homes with stairs winding up to another level are always attractive. One can play around with the design of the stairs. In this case, the designer has chosen to stick with a modern and minimalist style. Open stairs look gorgeous and make a fantastic impression in any living room.

Get some more design inspiration from this remodelling of a living room in a Pune home.

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