The top 5 reasons why you should hire a professional kitchen designer

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The top 5 reasons why you should hire a professional kitchen designer

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
de Zingana Kitchens and Cabinetry Moderno
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When it comes to redoing a kitchen (one of a home’s most versatile spaces), many questions can arise: 

• What finishes will stand the test of time?

• Will this design still be considered trendy a few years from now?

• How am I going to incorporate appropriate functionality in my new kitchen without compromising that “wow” effect?

So, what’s the first step to take to ensure you don’t waste precious time and money renovating your culinary space? By hiring a professional kitchen designer! 

But before we check out the 5 best reasons why homeowners opt to work with these types or professionals, let’s have a look at one such firm right here in South Africa: Zingana Kitchens. Located in Johannesburg, Zingana Kitchens has been helping to spruce up the hearts of numerous homes since 2010. Firmly dedicated to functionality (seeing as any kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone) and visual beauty, this firm adds top-notch quality to any project, ensuring the client’s unique wants and needs are met. 

Let’s have a look at some of Zingana Kitchens‘ completed kitchen designs while we list the best reasons to work with such professionals…  


1. Kitchen designers always possess new product knowledge

A wealth of new products and finishes are launched on a weekly basis, which makes it quite impossible for someone outside the industry to keep up. But professional kitchen designers attend trade shows and seminars, plus visit manufacturers regularly to stay up to date on the latest available products. And this knowledge, of course, is shared with you should you decide to work with them.  

2. They have the required experience

There is a huge difference between a regular DIYer renovating a kitchen and a skilled and experienced professional undertaking that job. Kitchen designers are trained to assess the state of any kitchen before work starts, plus provide proper improvement procedures on how to best proceed with that project. 

3. They value customer service

Professional kitchen designers are also trained on how to tackle unforeseen problems that could (and most probably WILL) arise during the project. This includes anything from a countertop not having the required radius corners to a cabinet arriving at your premises in a damaged condition. 

As we said, these professionals work with a variety of other experts in the industry (vendors, suppliers, manufacturers), and that means they have the necessary resources to deal with unexpected issues and ensure first-rate results. 

4. They have the proper working equipment

You don’t take on a proper kitchen remodeling project with sub-standard tools. Kitchen designers have some of the best equipment in the industry that help them achieve proper results, regardless of space, size, or style (remember that there is a huge difference between, for example, wooden shaker-style cabinets for a colonial design and stainless steel cupboards for a more contemporary look). 

Having the right tools also goes a long way in ensuring the job is done the right way and in the shortest time possible. 

5. They are trained to make the right decisions

Paying thousands and thousands of rand for a renovation job only to have it fall apart later on is not that uncommon with DIYers. But the results look much better when working with an experienced and professional kitchen designer, as their execution is better. Also, they have been trained on how to work with the right materials (wood, concrete, vinyl, etc.), therefore they are up to date on the relevant pros and cons of each one. 

Thus, don’t think twice about hiring a professional for your kitchen’s new look. The right kitchen designer will be definitely worth the dust and debris, providing you with the best products for your space and budget and ensuring you have a dream culinary space that’ll last for years to come. 

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