Luxurious Interiors for an 1800 sq ft apartment in Bangalore

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De Panache Balcón
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Rendered for an NRI family in Bangalore, this three-bedroom apartment is a luxurious and tasteful haven of peace and comfort. The interior designers and decorators at De Panache have combined unique materials with ultramodern design and stylish lights to make a statement in this residence. The 1800 sq ft floor area has been utilised intelligently and aesthetically to highlight the beautiful balcony as well as to create a picture-perfect dining space apart from the three bedrooms that offer privacy. Trendy furniture, creative partitions, exotic wall panels and a sober colour scheme achieve wonders for this home’s interiors. Additionally, smart storage solutions and well-designed windows are other features that you will notice on this tour.

Gorgeous balcony

Stylish rattan chairs and big white planters with lush greenery make this balcony a warm and cosy place for relaxing. The accent wall with multicoloured mosaic tiles adds texture that contributes to the classy ambience, while the glass balustrade ensures unhindered views.

Stunning dining room

The stylish dining room is dominated by white and beige, and the feature wall is lined with a bronze mirror to create the illusion of spaciousness. The tall white storage unit is trendy and has a mix of cabinets and shelves to store and display things. The sleek breakfast counter on the left is very modern. The beautiful partition on the right boasts of delicate filigree work and lends some privacy when dining.

Stylish master bedroom

The spacious and contemporary master bedroom stands out because of its feature wall with multiple sleek niches and wired lights that create a beautiful effect with a gentle play of light and shadow. The wardrobe has a smooth finish with sliding glass doors that save space. The light tones on the plush bed, the rug and the minimalist TV unit pull together a look of subtle sophistication, while the full-length dressing mirror enhances the room’s spaciousness.

Soothing guest bedroom

Bathed in natural light and soft hues, the guest bedroom is a multifunctional space that doubles as a study room. The feature wall behind the bed boasts of a pastel green colour and carved beading that adds a soothing feel to the room. We love the tall bookshelves that slide sideways to provide storage near the study desk. The gorgeous pendant lamps by the bedside enhance the elegance of the space!

European style

The spacious bedroom designed for the daughter is a beautiful affair in soft grey and muted pink with elements that lend it a European flair. The feature wall flaunts textured grey vinyl cladding and vertical metal strips in a classy rose gold hue. The large bay window on the side floods the room with sunlight and is designed to provide cosy window seating with shelves smartly incorporated in the niche to provide storage.

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