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Fix your leaky shower faucet in 6 easy steps

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Drip, drip, drip, is that sound getting on your nerves? Has it annoyed you so much that you want to do something about it? Do you want to fix it yourself without the hassle of calling the plumber, who may burn a hole in your pocket? Well here is one thing that you can fix by yourself, but only if you know some basic rules first. Here are 6 easy steps that will make fixing your shower faucet feel like a cake walk!

Tools & Materials

Like any other 'fixing' job, before you set out on the task keep all the tools and materials required to fix a shower ready and at hand. What are these tools and materials? Well a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a cartridge matching with the one in your shower and plumber's grease are some of the most basic things that you are bound to need. If you are worried about getting your hands dirty, you should wear a pair of washable rubber gloves before you start working.

Cartridge & Faucet

Next determine what kind of a faucet do you have. The most common kinds of faucet are – a ball faucet which contains a ball bearing, and a cartridge faucet which contains a cartridge. The repair of each kind of faucet will be different. Generally, a single handle faucet has a cartridge inside it. A ball bearing faucet has many parts and is difficult to fix by yourself. However, if you have a cartridge faucet, you can take up the task of fixing it yourself. 

Find the source

Before repairing the faucet, turn off the water. You don't want to get drenched in water before you even start your work. Not only will you find it almost impossible to open up the faucet with running water, but may even end up hurting yourself and damaging some parts of the faucet in the process. So always remember to turn off the tap!

Remove the handle cap

Next, remove the handle cap with a small knife. Underneath you will find the stem which sits on top of the O-ring, which sits on top of a washer, also known as seat washer. The washer is usually made of rubber, which can get worn out after a while. If your faucet is dripping lightly, this is probably the culprit. It will be held in place with an upside-down brass screw. Unscrew it to take it out.

Twist the cartridge stem

Take the broken washer to a hardware shop and buy a new washer of the exact same size and kind. Coat this replacement washer in plumber’s grease before installing it in place and screwing back the brass screw and the other components back as they were. Make sure you don't miss any parts, so that you have a perfectly functioning faucet, like the one in this bathroom designed by SPACE INTERFACE in Gurgaon.

Install a new cartridge

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If however, the problem is not the washer, but a broken shower cartridge you will have to replace it. Just like the washer, before going and buying a cartridge, check what kind of cartridge is there in your shower. To do this, post turning off the water, pry up the cartridge retaining clip with a small screwdriver. Then remove the handle washer and twist the cartridge stem loose and pull it out with pliers. Install the new cartridge in place and put back all the parts properly. After the shower faucet, if you'd like to take up the task of fixing a new kitchen sink, here's everything you need to know about kitchen sinks.

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