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A kitchen for each zodiac sign!

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Interior decoration reflects the personality of each person, and the construction of personality comes through the experiences that life offers us. Along our path, we come to know places, people and situations that make us change the way we see the world and the way we think. This sum of these factors have a major impact on our understanding of ourselves, our environment, and consequently, our living spaces.

However, many of us are convinced that astrology affects our way of being. If you're among them, do not miss this ideabook! We have selected twelve kitchens based on the characteristics commonly attributed to each zodiac sign. However, if the proposal corresponding to your sign does not intrigue you completely, you can always take a look at the other pictures!

Ready to embark on our journey through the stars?

Aries: functionality is everything!

People born under Aries seek a large feature where functionality is paramount, perhaps combining smaller space in order to better organize their daily lives. This kitchen is perfectly in line with these preferences. The high ceiling, lightweight materials and the skylight that allows the entry of a generous amount of light, give life to an airy environment and ensures a space without obstruction.

Taurus: Vintage but cosy

Those born under the sign of Taurus tend to be more traditional in nature, seeking to combine comfort and a classic style. That said, a furnished kitchen with vintage tones is an excellent choice for people of this sign. In this project by the architectural firm Camila Tannous, for example, we can see a peculiar mix of styles. The floor, in fact, offers a typical '70s motif, while the masonry fireplace is reminiscent of a much more rustic era.

Gemini: Modern and retro blend

Just like with Taurus, Gemini prefer a mixture of styles. Always looking for a new way to express their creativity, people of this sign prefer dynamic and visually rich environment solutions. For this reason, we chose this design study by Tikkanen Architecture, where the coloured tiles have been used in combination with an overall scheme that makes excellent use of the colour red. The tone by the classic furniture, finally, offers a retro charm to be explored.

Cancer: Natural and familiar

Those under the sign of Cancer give much importance to family life and prefer soberer tones for decorations. The atmosphere is supported by the comfortable and welcoming details in the environment. In this project, we can see a basically white environment, full of romantic elements and the simple yet sophisticated design. Do not miss the presence of plants and unique details that help to make it a light and airy space.

Leo: Luxury is the best choice

People born under the sign of Leo loves luxurious spaces. This kitchen, designed by interior designer and landscape architect, Iara Kílaris, could represent eating habits. Luxury is inherent to each element – the design of the island seems perfectly complemented by the beautiful red stools, while the lamps in the shape of silver globes add a final touch of sophistication. Here, the use of geometric shapes give rhythm to the decorations that seem to be designed for young, energetic and fun owners.

Virgo: First of all, organise!

Virgos are known for their innate sense of environmental organization and attention to detail. For this reason, we chose a kitchen with an island that incorporates different containers and cabinets. The elegance of white and a ceramic floor base is perfect in combination with wood, defining a practical space that meets the methodical nature of the sign of Virgo. At the same time, the space is extremely sophisticated.

Libra: Refinement and elegance

Those born under the sign of Libra appreciate tastefully decorated spaces with elegant details. By virtue of what we just said we believe that this is the kitchen that is most suited to this sign. It is a decidedly minimalist design, but with added flavour that is classic and timeless in the combination of white and black. The suspended lamps emphasize the refinement of this area.

Scorpio: Minimalism and practicality

Scorpio is the sign that distinguishes characters of a certain temperament. However, when choosing furniture, people born under this sign prove to be quite pragmatic. To join this personality and the required functionality for rooms, there's nothing better than a minimalist kitchen. The one shown here is the emblem of avant-garde minimalism style. A white cabinet with rounded edges with a bright green refreshes the environment and makes it more cheerful.

Saggitarius: Colourful and fun

People who have Sagittarius as their star sign are generally entertaining and volatile, so they will appreciate environments where they can socialise with friends and family. Thus, the kitchen of choice for this sign sports a yellow refrigerator from SMEG (the colour of joy), while the stools are in contrast with an elegant orange. This project, designed by the firm Arq_In, seems perfect for friends of Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Large spaces are fundamental

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two DUA Architecture LLP Cocinas de estilo moderno
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two

DUA Architecture LLP

Wide open spaces are the favourite of the people under the sign of Capricorn, and this kitchen perfectly embodies this concept of space. The high ceilings, light colours, and the generous presence of natural light make this an ideal place for a Capricorn. The centralisation of the main elements of the kitchen facilitates circulation and increases the functionality of the space.

Aquarius: Design and personality

People born under Aquarius tend to love modern and trendy designs. So, we selected this kitchen that blends the modernity of large containers with metal elements to reinforce the modern environmental trend. If you find space that adhere to the latest in interior design trends, an Aquarius is sure to be nearby!

Pices: Creative and functional

We end our ideabook now with the kitchen that we believe is best suited to those born under the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a creative type, but praises functionality without worrying much about the size of the environment provided that it meets her needs and personal taste. In this kitchen, the stools in red blend perfectly with the black of the other elements designed specifically for this space.

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