A Truly Classic British Apartment

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A Truly Classic British Apartment

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Salones de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico
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Nash Baker Architects, already known for their amazing high-end projects, really took advantage of an incredible opportunity within an amazing building here. Commissioned to totally transform a fourth-floor apartment, they noted that, ’Although the apartment is generously proportioned, it was completely un-modernised, lacking even the most basic services and also had a very small kitchen. To complicate matters, the steel and concrete frame of the building made the installation of new services almost impossible.

We worked closely with the council’s conservation officer and the freeholder and were able take up areas of the floor screed and install services and additional sound insulation without generally raising floor levels. The kitchen was relocated into the old library, opening up the available space to incorporate a dining area, which when the sliding doors are drawn back, connects the new kitchen/dining area to the reception room, giving the residents the opportunity to have one large family space when required. Other challenges included reinforcing the floors, thermally and acoustically upgrading all the original windows, restoring the original marble bathroom and installing a 400kg antique bathtub whilst negotiating/mediating with the building, its residents and the Howard de Walden Estate.’

Now if that isn't an auspicious introduction to a property, we don't know what is. One thing is for certain though, we know we are about to be very impressed and green with envy!

A serious façade

Casas de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico Piedra
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The Exterior ​of the Mansfield Street Apartment.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

There certainly wouldn't be any hope of just walking past this building and not being impressed, would there? As large and imposing as apartment blocks can get, this is certainly a space that seems to dictate a level of acceptable quality before you even walk in. 

As a heritage building there would have been a great need for a sensitive and delicate approach to this gargantuan project but Nash Baker is no stranger to a difficult project and have, time and time again, proven their skills to be almost beyond compare. Let's take a look inside!

Optional open plan living

Salones de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The living room looking through to the kitchen, Mansfield Street Apartment, London

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Here we can see the optional open plan living arrangement that has been created, with the new kitchen/dining area taking up residence in the old library and seamlessly connecting to a generous living room via sliding doors. The proportions of these spaces are magnificent.

Decorative coving and a healthy mix of traditional furniture and soft textiles, as well as more modern chic elements, all come together effortlessly to offer comfort, homeliness and considered design. What a fabulous thing it must be to have all the benefits of open plan living and separate rooms when you want them.

Heritage touches

Salones de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico Madera Acabado en madera
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The living room at the Mansfield Street Apartment

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

As this is part of a much bigger listed building it comes as no surprise that character items and original features are still firmly in place though wonderfully restored now, of course. As we turn around in the large living room we catch a glimpse of this astounding fireplace, the panelled walls and more antique furniture that looks perfectly at home.

It almost seems inconceivable that this is an apartment and not a large, stately home but we can assure you it is. It has simply been decorated and brought back to life so lavishly that it's hard to comprehend.

Communal space

Cocinas de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The kitchen at the Mansfield Street Apartment

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Despite the large rooms there is a real feeling of closeness in this apartment, as though the people that live here want to enjoy their time together as much as possible and no space demonstrates that more than this beautiful kitchen/dining room.

A wonderful medley of Shaker style cabinets, traditional herringbone parquet flooring and a rustic country farmhouse dining table, this room is as eclectic as the apartment as a whole is fabulous. We love those luxe drapes and knowing that this space opens up into the living room, we were just wondering if we could move in? 

Expectations shattered

Baños de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico Mármol
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The bathroom at the Mansfield Street Apartment.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

You already knew that a marble bathroom was restored as part of this project and that an enormous and suitably heavy bathtub was put in place but were you expecting anything like this? We can't deny that we were taken aback by just how unapologetically luxurious and incredible this bathroom is!

The huge pedestal sink looks phenomenal, as does that legendary bathtub, just taking centre stage and making the rest of the space work around it. A heavenly combination of ceramic and marble, this is a spa quality space and we think it works so well.

Divine detailing

Pasillos y vestíbulos de estilo  de Nash Baker Architects Ltd, Clásico Madera Acabado en madera
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The hallway at the Mansfield Street Apartment.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Everywhere you look in this mind-blowing home you see more detail that simply shatters what you might have expected to see.

Perfectly restored parquet flooring, panelling, detailed plaster work and extraordinarily high ceilings all make this an absolute dream of an apartment. In fact, we don't think you'd ever feel the need for a house again after living here. What a seamless, luxurious and incomprehensibly high-end refurbishment project this is. Nash Baker have done it again!

For more luxurious home project inspiration, take a look at his Ideabook: Classic & Luxury Bathrooms. If you can't stretch your budget to London postcode prices, why not start with one room and put your all into it?

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