​The best bathroom colours for 2018

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​The best bathroom colours for 2018

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Planning on adding a fresh new bathroom to your home? Or simply want to give your existing bathroom a new look? Changing its colour is one of the easiest and quickest ways of spicing up any room – just ask any professional interior designer/decorator worth his salt. 

But just because you know you want to work with your bathroom’s colour doesn’t necessarily solve the next problem: what colour(s) shall we choose?

Fortunately, we at homify have done a little research into bathroom colours and discovered the most popular hues for 2018. So there you have it: colour recommendations that will not only give your bathing/showering space an enticing new look, but also ensure it stays on trend (for this year, at least).

Let’s see which bathroom colours dominated the popularity polls…

1. Best bathroom colours for 2018: Grey

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Recent Spaces

​House in Notting Hill by Recent Spaces

Recent Spaces

Don’t act so surprised – grey bathrooms have been trendy for the past few years. This sophisticated yet understated tone can fit into any style it pleases (modern, contemporary, rustic, you name it… ), and is equally adept at looking timeless, playful, pretty and elegant. 

With grey bathrooms being so popular in the UK, it means that there are countless grey products to bring into your bathroom, not only wall paint. Towels, bath mats, wall tiles, backsplashes, window treatment… so many ways in which to announce to everyone seeking new bathroom colours that grey is indeed great for 2018! 

Colour psychology says: Pure grey is the only colour with no direct psychological properties. However, it can be quite suppressive, as a virtual absence of colour can look a bit depressing. So, ensure the grey you pick for your bathroom doesn’t look too dull or cold, or spice it up a bit with some warmer/bolder tones in the form of accessories.

2. Best bathroom colours for 2018: Neutrals

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Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

In the same vein as grey, other soft neutrals have remained on the popular list for quite a while now when it comes to bathroom colours. The reason? Because when it comes to a bathroom renovation, a neutral backdrop is the easiest palette to work with when introducing new tones for textiles and other accessories. Think of popular neutrals like soft browns (beiges), charcoals, off-whites, etc. 

A popular choice for neutral bathrooms is wood-effect floor tiles. It’s interesting to note that wood-effect floors have become more popular than real wood, seemingly because they can take more of a beating and are more cost effective. 

Colour psychology says: Brown portrays seriousness, warmth, and earthiness. Although it has much of the same seriousness as black, it is softer and denotes a stronger association with the natural world.

3. Best bathroom colours for 2018: Red

Baños de estilo  de Aston Matthews,
Aston Matthews

Brunel Cast Iron Bath

Aston Matthews

Who knew this spicy tone would be a hit in 2018? But we’re not just talking about bright red. Think about the many different red hues to pick from: dark cherry, ruby, mahogany, scarlet…  

Our personal favourite is the sultry brown-red hue reminiscent of sun-bleached baked clay tiles, giving this bathroom quite the prominent backdrop. 

Colour psychology says: Red is associated with courage, strength, warmth and energy. It has the property of appearing to be nearer than it is and, therefore, grabs attention. Its effect is physical: it stimulates us and raises the pulse rate, which is why it’s such a popular choice not only for bathroom colours, but also for kitchens.

4. Best bathroom colours for 2018: Black and white

A monochrome colour scheme is a classic choice that has been used for a long time now. The stunning contrast between the darkest and lightest hues offers a striking visual effect that is quite effective in making a design seem more expensive than it actually is. 

In addition to black-and-white tiles, monochrome wallpaper is also a noteworthy option for bathrooms. A popular choice is to go for a patterned tiled floor above clean white-painted or tiled bathroom walls. 

Colour psychology says: Black denotes sophistication and glamour; white is associated with sterility and purity.  

Essentially, black is an absence of light, since no wavelengths are reflected and it can, therefore, be menacing. And it’s a myth that black clothes are slimming.

White reflects the full force of the spectrum into our eyes, creating barriers. It gives off a heightened perception of space, which is part of the reason why the black-and-white combo is so visually stunning, for black is known for closing in a space.

5. Best bathroom colours for 2018: Green

Baños de estilo  de Lee Evans Partnership,
Lee Evans Partnership

Bossington House, Adisham Kent

Lee Evans Partnership

Green bathrooms got a bad reputation in the 1970s and 1980s, thanks to that awful avocado tone we’re all familiar with. However, this natural tone is back in full force for 2018’s bathroom colours, offering a myriad of hues to pick from: mint, seafoam, emerald, sage, etc. 

Consider bringing in a few potted plants into an otherwise neutral-hued bathroom to enjoy some fresh colour and scent. 

Colour psychology says: Green’s positive traits include harmony, balance, and refreshment. On a primate level, green is a reassuring colour, seeing as, when present in nature, it indicates the presence of water and little danger of famine.

6. Best bathroom colours for 2018: Blue

Blue has traditionally been a popular choice for bathroom colours, especially with renovations. This cool and calming tone has seen a steady rise in popularity in recent times, and it’s not looking to change anytime soon!

But how do you incorporate blue successfully into your bathroom? By doing it sparingly. Think blue wallpaper or bathroom cabinets, or even blue patterned Mediterranean tiles to style up that shower, backsplash, or focal wall behind the tub. 

Colour psychology says: Blue is associated with intelligence, trust, serenity and coolness. It affects us mentally as opposed to physically (a complete contrast from red). While strong blues will stimulate clear thought, and soft blues will calm the mind and aid concentration. 

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