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Inventions that changed the way we live!

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There are some inventions that have simply changed the way we live forever and while some might be large scale innovations, we want to take the time to celebrate some of the smaller victories. After all, without the small things, bigger and better technology would never be developed.

Today we are really focusing on those items that none of us could live without; things that can be bought relatively inexpensively, but offer a wealth of convenience and comfort. So let's take a look and celebrate some of the 'little things' we use every day!


You might be wondering what this image, from the fabulous team at Care Mobiliario represents, but it's the neat and tidy order of the wardrobe that gives it away! Be honest, don't you just love slipping into a freshly ironed shirt or into pressed bed linen?  

When it comes to home inventions, the iron is one of the most important, as it can be used for most textiles and offers a quick and easy way to removed creases from where they don't belong. Every home has one, even those that don't use it very often and we don't know where we'd be without it!

Radio alarm clock

The early bird might catch the worm, but without a radio alarm clock to wake him up, he might miss out! A lovely step up from standard alarm clock that simply made a grating noise in the wee small hours, the radio allows for a far more gentle and enjoyable wake up.

Nobody likes to be startled awake and that's what the radio alarm clock avoids. It is a home invention born out of necessity, but with the user totally in mind and thanks to radio shows being so varied, you might never wake up to the same song!

Washing machine

We might all have an iron that we don't use very much, but where would we be without a washing machine? When it comes to home inventions, we think this is one of the most vital because it plays a central role in every home and gets a lot of use.

Whether you install yours in a kitchen or a utility room, a washing machine allows you the basic right of clean, hygienic clothes whenever you need them and is an active contributor to a tidier home. The only thing you have to master is getting your family to leave their dirty clothes somewhere appropriate!


As much as a microwave is not a replacement to the conventional cooker, it is certainly a fantastic cohort that can see mealtime labour dramatically reduced! 

The microwave is a home invention that came about in the 1950s, marketed at housewives that needed some technological assistance in running their home, but since then it has become a staple in every house, with singletons, students and families all putting them to good use. They even spurred on a number of microwave cookbooks, but we're not too sure about those!


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Where would we all be without our chia fruit surprise smoothies in the morning? Imagine what an uncivilised world that would be! We're joking, of course, but blenders have become so much more than a baking aid! 

With so many food crazes springing up, blenders have become a home invention that many people own, whether they use them to blitz up something fruity for breakfast, soup for dinner or to make the perfect vegan cake batter. With aesthetics now being taken into account as well, you don't have to settle for a boring colour for you appliances either. Baby pink blender anyone?

Mattress springs

We bet this is one home invention that you regularly overlook. Nightly in fact! When mattress springs were invented, sleeping as we know it changed. No longer were lumpy, flat and uncomfortable mattresses the norm and suddenly, we were transported to a world of super luxury and comfort. 

Supporting your frame while you sleep, mattress springs were the first in a long line of bed innovations that really sought to improve quality of life. Since then we have adopted memory foam, orthopaedic pillows and dual adjustable beds. What's next?


On a cold winter's day, can you love anything more than some toasty central heating? It's hard to think of something that brings more comfort, isn't it? No longer do we have to get out of bed into a freezing cold house, as we can set our timers to come on before we take our fist tentative Monday morning steps and we can come home to an equally warm and welcoming home with just the flick of a switch, or now, the tap of an app. 

When you start thinking about the home inventions that really make our lives easier, we are blessed to live in such a convenience and comfort orientated world!

For more kitchen gadgets that you need, take a look at this Ideabook: Behold! Kitchen Technology To Update Your Home.

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