12 pictures of kitchens with tiles

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12 pictures of kitchens with tiles

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Cocinas integrales de estilo  de Grange México, Moderno
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The simple act of putting tiles in the kitchen is both trendy and formidable. Especially in areas where cleaning is complicated. In addition, it is also the most recommended coating for walls exposed to water, food residues or oil stains since the surfaces are easier to clean. That is why, we present 12 reasons to use ceramic, the raw material of tiles in your kitchen. With this decision, your environment will gain more practicality and a touch of rustic style that matches everything.

1. Just a little cement

All you need is a little cement to put tiles in your kitchen. This material functions as the perfect glue. The main benefit is the easy installation.

2. Variety of colors

Those who wish to give a more cheerful appearance to the kitchen can also bet on this idea. However, in this case, it is necessary to use colored pieces that match perfectly with the decor and style of your kitchen.

3. Combinations

Here is another advantage of coating the walls with tiles. It allows you to combine the wall decor with the floor.

4. Easy to clean

Keeping your kitchen clean is very important. That is why using tiles in your home is a great idea. With a little water and liquid soap, it is possible to remove any traces of dirt left during the preparation of meals.

5. Special standards

You can give your kitchen the value it deserves with a correct choice of ceramic pieces. Remember that the colors and prints are the main protagonists and will never go unnoticed. 

6. Economic parts

Another significant advantage is that ceramic tiles have become so commercial that their price is not as high as any other coating solution. You can count on the help of an experienced professional as they always know the best options that the market offers.

7. Appearance that stands out

One advantage that goes hand in hand with the ease of cleaning is that the appearance of tiles is excellent. Also, the smoothness of their surface is of good quality.

8. Visual games

Cocinas de estilo  de DOSA studio, Moderno Madera Acabado en madera
DOSA studio

Cocina de departamento

DOSA studio

We have already talked about the design possibilities that can be created with tiles. However, it is necessary to emphasize on a particular quality. Tiles can form a delightful and attractive visual composition as well.

9. Various sizes

If your kitchen does not have room to house solid pieces or does not like the prominent sizes, you can opt for alternatives like the one seen in this picture.

10. Creating depth

Another aspect that goes very well with tiles is the feeling of depth that it creates especially while using stamped parts.

11. Suitable for any style

La cultura del txoko tradicional.: Cocinas de estilo  de Urbana Interiorismo, Rústico
Urbana Interiorismo

La cultura del txoko tradicional.

Urbana Interiorismo

Ceramic tiles can not only be incorporated into the rustic style but can also be combined with any decorative trend. Although, you should choose the shape, pattern, and color correctly.

12. To end the dull atmosphere

Lastly, tiles are also ideal to give a beautiful personality to the kitchen. However, this quality is often forgotten while creating a functional environment.

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