​13 Amazing Wall Design Materials to Cover Your Walls

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How many of us disregard the importance of our homes’ walls (we’re talking about beauty and style now, not the fact that our roofs would come crashing down if there weren’t any walls to support them)? Far too many of us think a splash of paint here and a pretty picture there are enough to make our walls look stylish, and in some cases that might be correct – but don’t think that these are your only options!

Today we take a look at some other ideas to make your walls come to life in terms of material cladding – and what do you know, since there are so many materials (and colours and textures and styles) to pick from, that just about offers us a world of possibilities!

But to save you time, we’ve narrowed it down to 13…

1. Stone

3. Concrete

Casa Xafix / Arkylab homify Comedores de estilo moderno

Casa Xafix / Arkylab


4. Marble (yup, it’s not just for floors or countertops)

Polanco Penthouse Gantous Arquitectos Salones de estilo moderno
Gantous Arquitectos

Polanco Penthouse

Gantous Arquitectos

5. Brick

6. Polyurethane coatings

Tabla Rústica Nogal homify Paredes y suelos de estilo rústico Aglomerado Marrón

Tabla Rústica Nogal


7. Combining various textures

8. A green wall / vertical garden

9. Getting creative with stone and patterns

12. Wallpaper

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