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How can you find the type of house that is right for you? Well, this idea guide is here to give you several good tips, so stay with us and be patient. Basically, you first need to decide what your budget is for the house, that way you will know what you can and cannot afford. After that, you need to decide what your needs are. For example, how many people will live in the house? How much time will you be spending in the house and what will you use the house for? For example, if you're a single person who works a lot, you may just need a one-bedroom apartment to come back to and relax. However, if you've got a family of five and two dogs, then you might want to have a double-story house with a garden. 

We hope you will be able to gather some useful tips through this idea guide to help you decide which type of house to buy. Let's browse through some of these ideas and hopefully get inspired to make the right decision! 

Single-story house

Keep in mind that once you've chosen a house, you'll have to live with that decision for the next few years at least, so take your time and consider all the different factors that may apply. You should not only be emotionally satisfied with the house, but also financially comfortable that you're buying a home you can afford and that you feel confident will hold onto its value or increase in value over the years. 

Pictured here, we see a colourful single-story house with a large compound. Single-story houses means no stairs, so that makes it ideal for aging people or handicapped people. A big compound is ideal for people who like gardening and for pets too.

Double-story house with a garden

If you have a family and pets, a double-story house with a garden would be ideal. Pictured here, we see a beautiful tropical style house surrounded by a spacious, lovely manicured garden, and adorned by rolling hills rich with vegetation in the near distance. Elements of wood in the house's exteriors enhance the natural vibe that the home's surroundings exude. 


A farmhouse is ideal for those who want to live outside the city in the countryside, and have a large piece of land for growing vegetables or having horses and cattle. Farmhouses are usually huge and can house a few generations of family under one roof, hence it is ideal for multi-generational living or for families or groups who want to live together. The beautiful farmhouse pictured here is designed by Kumar Moorthy & Associates

Low energy house

Environmentally conscious people often look for sustainable houses or low energy houses. Low energy houses can save a lot of money in the long-run as they run on free energy. Pictured here, we see a brick house that uses certain brick-laying techniques and architectural designs to make the house cooler so that it doesn't require air conditioning. These type of houses are also very trendy these days and will probably have a very high resale value. Browse through tropical style houses here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Mansion on a hill

If you can afford a mansion on a hill and you’re confident that you can sell it for a good price, then go for it because life is short and you’re not taking all your money to your grave anyway. If you decide to live it up, or perhaps rent it out, consider the location most importantly. Location is very important when it comes to housing prices. If you’re looking for a getaway house, there isn’t any point of buying a mansion in a city really. Decide what kind of landscape and scenery you want your mansion to be surrounded by.

Wooden house

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Wooden houses are lovely, but they’re a tad bit difficult and expensive to maintain. So if you’ve always dreamt of having a wooden house, first consider if you’ll be able to afford the maintenance costs. The next thing you need to consider is the climate and the environment you’re living in and base the design of your wooden house on this.

Apartment unit

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Ardes Arquitectos

Last but not least, you might want to consider an apartment unit. For single people or people who would like to live with friends, an apartment unit might be the best idea. If you choose a low-rise apartment without any facilities or security, you may save on the maintenance fee, but if you live alone, it may be worth it to pay extra for a securely gated apartment. We hope you have gathered some useful tips on how to choose the right house for you. For more related inspiration and ideas, have a look at 6 colour schemes for house exteriors

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