20 easy and cheap decoration ideas for small houses

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20 easy and cheap decoration ideas for small houses

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Comedores de estilo ecléctico de Fabiana Rosello Arquitetura e Interiores Ecléctico
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Most of us cannot afford a large home and coming up with ideas to decorate a small one is a problem in itself. To find the perfect design and features for your place, it usually takes hours of research. Some people even resort to professional help for the same purpose. That is why in today's ideabook we have collected 20 fantastic decoration ideas for small houses. These suggestions are commonly used by professionals all around the world.

1. Straight lines

When you are decorating a small space, make sure that you opt for straight lines designs. It can be in the form of your furniture or even fixtures.

2. Floating shelves

Marylebone Salones de estilo moderno de LEIVARS Moderno



The easiest way to save floor area and make a room look beautiful is by incorporating floating shelves.

3. Mirror

Mirrors can give a feeling of spaciousness to your small home. By selecting framed mirrors, you can even add a decorative touch.

4. Sleek furniture

Sleek looking furniture which is also multifunctional is recommended for decorating narrow areas.

5. Wallpaper

Using printed wallpaper in your small room will give it enough depth. You may also opt for different textures or colours.

6. Distributing space

You should always distribute the area thoroughly to leave enough walking space in the middle.

7. Lighting

Proper lighting will make your small room look bright and airy. Also, custom fixtures act as a statement piece for the space.

8. Inbuilt cabinets

Instead of regular cabinets, create inbuilt ones to save space and to make the area stand out.

9. Round dining tables

Diseño de comedores Comedores de estilo moderno de Zono Interieur Moderno
Zono Interieur

Diseño de comedores

Zono Interieur

If you are looking to decorate your small dining room, then opt for round shaped tables rather than the ones with corners.

10. Semi enclosed

While partitioning a room consider using semi-enclosed structures to make the area look spacious and decorative.

11. White interior

A complete white interior not only looks well organized but also larger compared to other colours.

12. Add colours

Adding colours to a small room can make them look vibrant and lively.

13. Storage

Cocinas de estilo ecléctico de PUFF Ecléctico

Using vertical space to create storage is a must in small rooms. You can also play with the doors such cabinets to make them look beautiful.

14. Wall hooks

Similar looking wall hooks can also be an ideal option for increasing your storage space.

15. U-shaped entrance

Creating a u-shaped entrance hallways will help you utilize the area well. Also, it gives you enough place to incorporate other decorative elements.

16. Folding bed

Cama rebatible + biblioteca + escritorio Dormitorios de estilo minimalista de MINBAI Minimalista Madera Acabado en madera

Cama rebatible + biblioteca + escritorio


Folding beds are an excellent option for rooms that are being used for multiple purposes.

17. Elevated bed

Another way to create proper storage in your small room is by opting for elevated beds. This space can also be used for books and curios.

18. Custom sink

Instead of regular sanitaryware, you can opt for custom sinks and platforms to add a dramatic look to your bathroom.

19. Artificial creepers

MURO VERDE COMO REMATE VISUAL Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo minimalista de Región 4 Arquitectura Minimalista
Región 4 Arquitectura


Región 4 Arquitectura

A wall made with artificial creepers is not only easy to maintain but also looks elegant.

20. Potted plants

Similar looking potted plants can be incorporated into empty spaces to give it a touch of nature.

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