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24 stylish garden fences for privacy with a difference

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Private House - Holland Park Jardines de estilo moderno de New Images Architects Moderno
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When it comes to different types of fences for your garden, we think we are found the ultimate selection to show you today. The last thing you need is to see a paltry selection that doesn't really demonstrate the breadth of the possibilities properly, but there's no fear of that here, as we are going to showcase a whopping 24 different styles! Whether you're looking for types of fences for villa gardens or something that will add some pizazz to the exterior walls of chalets, we definitely have some great ideas for you today and we like to think that your gardener will be in full support, whichever you choose!

1. Wooden fencing, painted white, works so well to contain a more exciting or tropical garden.

2. Rustic wood doesn't need to be the center of attention but still looks lovely.

un rincon Jardines de estilo clásico de BAIRES GREEN Clásico

un rincon


3. Walls for gardens are great, but why not mix and match them with some horizontal wooden fencing as well?

4. Richly stained and so dramatic in a simple courtyard, this fence is AMAZING!

Reflected Glory - Holland Park Renovation Jardines de estilo moderno de Tyler Mandic Ltd Moderno
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory – Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

5. Minimal metal fencing is perfect for when you need some security, but no lack of light flow.

un jardin de cuentos Jardines de estilo clásico de BAIRES GREEN Clásico

un jardin de cuentos


6. How can we even describe this? The decorative finish is so unusal and striking!

7. Using a simple fence as both wall panelling and a hanging garden location? Genius!

8. Gabion fencing gives you a great opportunity to play with other materials! So industrial!

9. Gabion fencing can also work in a more zen setting as well. Now that's adaptive!

10. Rugged stone walls and chic fencing are a perfect pairing in this funky space.

11. How about a fence on fence aesthetic? Wow! The trellis addition works so well!

12. Go custom and a wooden fence can be as unique and eye-catching as you want.

13. Heavy-duty wooden fences naturally add an air of stoic style and class to any garden and look so secure too.

14. White picket fencing has such a romantic connotation! Perfect for finishing a dream home!

15. Think that your minimalist tendencies can't be matched with a fence? Think again! This simple metal design is so elegant.

Cerramiento sobre la calle Casas de estilo moderno de epb arquitectura Moderno
epb arquitectura

Cerramiento sobre la calle

epb arquitectura

16. Bamboo garden fencing is a wonderful option for a more organic, stylish and zen aesthetic.

17. If you really can't be swayed away from garden walls, can we tempt you to paint them a bright color? This is the joker in our pack!

18. Wooden trellis garden fence panels allow for great light flow, can have climbers trained up them and with a coat of paint, look so pretty.

19. Dark hardwood horizontal fencing helps to make a garden seem longer and more contemporary. Love that effect!

20. Don't forget to think about matching your gates to whatever fence you choose! This picket design works so well as a gate as well.

21. Want to be seriously different with your fence? How about stainless steel panels, with custom designs laser-cut into them?

22. How about combining solid walls with wooden fence segments? Talk about security and style combined perfectly!

23. If you can't decide on one design, how about having a few? Wooden panels, conifers and stainless steel look incredible together here!

24. Can we take a minute to admire the color of this wood? Thick planks have created the perfect fence here and that reddish stain is the ONLY way to finish them!

Private House - Holland Park Jardines de estilo moderno de New Images Architects Moderno
New Images Architects

Private House – Holland Park

New Images Architects

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