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Is decorating a small home getting painful for you? Are you still confused between the different choices of décor and collectibles? Look no further. To help you decorate a small apartment in the same way as a larger one, we bring to you a city apartment designed by Livin interiors from Hyderabad that uses beautiful wooden accents to give the house a pleasing and inviting feel. Use of smart colours here and there; too inspire you with creativity and uniqueness. Not to miss, the traditional look imparted by the typical Puja room. Have a look!

Subtle living

The living room of this house has a very subtle outlook. This place gets a unique touch from its wooden accents that are displayed in a very bizarre way. The small area is subtly embellished with beige sofa sets and a wooden flooring that is perfectly in line with the mute coloured walls and decorated ceiling. This cosy and warm area will surely make you feel “at home” instantly. This perfectly exemplifies how a small area can be given the same glamorous touch. The false ceiling pattern is a combination of wooden and brick patterns.

Wooden pillars

The living room has a sleek bifurcation in the form of slender wooden pillars located in between the living area. A smart white shelf in the center acts as a perfect display spot and further embellishes these pillars and living area. The pillars are intentionally designed on a raised platform to highlight this marvel. This whole architecture also has a sleek white design on one side to add an extra WOW factor.

Pink beauty

The bedroom of this house is given a bright and a perky feel by the addition of pink wall. The other parts of this room are very subtle and impart overall a warm and comfortable stance. Pink hue flanks the white bed from both sides, thus imparting a glamorous look to the room. The lighting has been done so strategically that it focuses majorly on the bright pink wall. Other bright accents like a rug and curtains further make this place more welcoming.

Logs of wood

The other part of the living room is majorly a wooden ensemble that predominately has a wall mounted TV and a wooden cabinet. This whole architecture is again in line with white and wooden combination. If one may notice, the central part of this display is given a bright purple touch by the addition of brown and purple wallpaper. The wooden wonders, even extend to the ceilings and exude a modern and surreal effect.

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Wooden puja room

One can see the beautiful puja room done in traditional wooden patterns that create an extra special and pious zone. The doors of the puja room are created in glass and framed in thick wood. The upper portion of the doors is again embellished with creative wooden designs. Enough lighting has been done in this area with main emphasis on the photos of deity, which are nicely arranged on a raised platform.

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