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7 ways to make your home more fun!

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When it comes to interior design, we can very easily get caught up in stressing over our home projects. We worry about how to do things the 'right' way', and obsess over stylistic conventions and rules, forgetting that we are the ones who ultimately decide what looks good and works well, and what doesn't. If you ever happen to find yourself getting bogged down with the overwhelming range of choices and aesthetic options available to you during a remodelling project, there is always a single guiding tenet to fall back on in times of doubt, and a question you ought to ask yourself: 'does this excite me?'

Choosing whatever excites you the most, whether it's a palette of soft toned hues or a delightful vintage antique for the living room, ought to be your guiding principle throughout any home interior project. However, if you're the type of person who needs a little extra verve to get excited about the home, then you might want to consider stepping up the 'fun' level in and around your domestic interiors. Bringing about a sense of fun in the home is almost guaranteed to excite, and when we go with what excites us, we're almost certain to get the results we truly desire – both in our domestic lives, in life in general.

Today on homify, we're letting our hair down to have a bit of fun with a look at seven sensational ways to make your home a haven of fun and good times. Let the design choices and worries go, and consider installing a few special interior inclusions that are especially designed for the purpose of fun and nothing but. Read on, have fun and get inspired!

Sensational swimming pool

Two words: swimming pool. No matter what's going on aesthetically in the home interior, the inclusion of a swimming pool outside is an absolute game changer for any domestic scenario. Swimming pools provide an instant source of fun and excitement, and are especially desirable in warmer urban climates like Hong Kong. 

Even if your home pool set up can't quite match the incredible sunset scene present here, with sweeping city views and a lavish rooftop deck, the inclusion of a home pool or spa – no matter the size or style – is guaranteed to generate a fantastic, fresh source of domestic inspiration and happiness.  Installing things like swimming pools can be a tricky task to negotiate, so you if you're having a little trouble getting started, why not chat to a professional?

Plush home cinema

With the advent of greater technology in recent years, our homes have never been more wired for brilliant vision and sound. Not long ago, our single means of enjoying a brilliant audio visual experience was by heading out to the local cinema to catch the latest blockbuster. Today, we have access to an almost equally entertaining cinema experience in the comfort of our very own homes.

With just a single projector and screen, and an ample stereo set up, you can create a fantastic home cinema setting. However, if you really want to enhance the fun levels at home, consider going all out with a fully dedicated home entertainment parlour like the one in this neat example: a wall-sized widescreen, rows of comfortable cinema recliners, replete with dimmable lights for the full home cinema experience. You, your family and your guests simply won't be able to contain the levels of fun being had.

Bringing your A-game

Blacklight Pool Table Quantum Play Sala multimediaMuebles
Quantum Play

Blacklight Pool Table

Quantum Play

If swimming's not your thing, there's plenty of fun to be had inside too. Why not consider refurbishing your games room and installing a fantastic full sized competition billiard table? 

Additions like a billiard table make a fantastic choice for inducing an instant sense of fun in the home: just picture your next dinner party or get together, and that room full of happy guests taking turns shooting rounds on this awesome interior games room set up.

A fully stocked bar to complement any living space

Of course, physical movement of any kind – even merely swimming or shooting stick – can quickly turn from fun to arduous, so if you're the type that likes to keep the energy levels on a steady plateau, you might consider an alternative way of raising the domestic fun levels.

A home bar is a great way to do it: a treasure for any domestic interior that creates a wonderfully convivial entertaining space. Take this neat example as a starter: unique, individual, bright and inviting, a barroom wall laden with pop-art, and punctuated with a fabulous white bar and red bar stools to match.

Brilliant bright bowling alley

Basement bowling alley and gym zenotti Baños de estilo moderno

Basement bowling alley and gym


These days, imagination really is the limit when it comes to achieving a fabulously fun and well-appointed home. So how about a little ten pin bowling to enhance the domestic fun levels?

As we see in this brilliant example, a home interior bowling alley is no pipe dream. Work on your strike skills any time of the day or night with a novelty feature bowling lane just like this one: a remarkably fun addition to any basement or unused space in and around the home.

A hole in one

Golf anyone? When 18 holes is just that little bit much to play, and the weather outside looks a little unfriendly, keep your handicap in tact and stay swinging indoors with your very own interior driving range and golf course. 

Today's virtual reality and projection technology make it easy for anyone to enjoy a range of simulated sports, especially golf. With a fully appointed game space such as this, you'll effortlessly turn your home into a riveting haven of excitement and good times.

Stay fit and fabulous

Stephanie Coutas's projects Stephanie Coutas Gimnasios domésticos de estilo moderno
Stephanie Coutas

Stephanie Coutas's projects

Stephanie Coutas

Of course, there's nothing wrong with good old fashioned excercise, and if you're idea of fun is getting the juices flowing, the heart pumping and the sweat drenching, then a well-appointed home gym is the answer you've been looking for. 

Enjoy the pleasure and fun of a fabulous in-house leisure setup just like the one in this great example. With the price of gym memberships, and the distance to travel, remaining firm disincentives to regular fitness these days, home gyms have become more and more common. Given that exercise machines have never been more diverse, technologically superior or affordable, it could be a very wise idea to introduce a few well-selected machines and pieces of equipment into your home.

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