7 ideas for cooking on the braai

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Seeing as summer is still here (but it won’t hang around forever, of course), we thought we’d take a look at 7 fabulous braai options when it comes to taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather and outdoor socialising.

But of course tastes differ, which means what works for one person in terms of functionality and style (whether it’s a braai, a living room sofa or a kitchen oven) won’t necessarily work for the next.  And here on homify we are all about catering for individual tastes! 

Thus, scroll on, and take a look at 7 delicious options to turn your next braai event into a great one!

1. Keeping everyone happy

This one doesn’t eat meat, that one is in the mood for chicken and not fish… we understand the pains of catering for each and everyone’s needs. But this wonderful little beauty, made up of different works, is just too funky and brilliant not to include on our list.

Can you say “multi-functional”?

2. The pizza braai

Pizza on the Braai The Braai Man JardínBarbacoas
The Braai Man

Pizza on the Braai

The Braai Man

Who says you need a pizza oven to enjoy some Italian? If your grill is the right size, you can cook up any pizza you want by letting it sizzle in a braai pan above those roasting coals. 

Need a professional touch in your garden (or bathroom or kitchen… )? Check out our range of experts here on homify.

3. All about the look

Barbacoas Fesfoc Soc Bou JardínBarbacoas
Soc Bou

Barbacoas Fesfoc

Soc Bou

Regardless of whether you’re roasting up beef or veggies (or both), this minimalist-style design is for those “braaiers” who enjoy a sleek and sophisticated look when it comes to exterior cooking. 

And look: there’s even a built-in sink, which means no more rushing indoors when it comes to washing/rinsing.

4. Part of the bar

It rarely happens that a braai is just about roasting the food – what about the friends, the drinks, the social ambience? And for that you definitely require a bar/counter design in a stylish look, complete with comfortable stools.

How about this one?

5. So so functional

rehabilitación integral de masia, para turismo rural raddi ARQUITECTES JardínBarbacoas

rehabilitación integral de masia, para turismo rural


Now for when you require lots and lots of countertop space for your braai (and who doesn’t?), we recommend this balanced beauty with its bold and gorgeous design. And look: it even provides ample storage space for firewood and/or charcoal, meaning now we can finally store all our braaing features together. 

And speaking of storage…

6. Splendid storage

Charcoal, firewood, firelighters, braaing pans, spices… we are, of course, referring to the various elements needed to make a braai as brilliant as possible. And if we don’t need to be rushing indoors every time we need something, we certainly won’t! 

We’ll just opt for this miraculous creation, which frames that sizzling fire with various steel cabinet doors behind which we can store a myriad of braai-relevant items.

7. The outdoor kitchen

How beautiful is this braai? Its sleek and stainless steel surfaces add some glimmering shine, contrasting most effectively with the raw brick of the wall and table. Just ensure it’s a beautiful day before firing up this one!

Quick! Before the seasons turn, have a look at these 7 ideas to transform your backyard into a super braai space.

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