9 enticing bedroom walls to transport you into dreamland

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9 enticing bedroom walls to transport you into dreamland

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
Dormitorios de estilo  de Сидорова Юлия, Ecléctico
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Bedrooms are often forgotten spaces when we decorate because not many people get to see it. But this is not the way we should see them. Bedrooms are places of respite–places where we recharge in the quiet of our own thoughts. And what better way to bring us to that space than with decoration?

It's not just the bed that transports us into sleep, but the colours and themes as well. And the bedroom is a place where we need to get choosy, as this is our very own private retreat where we relax and dream. In order for you to find the perfect style that reflects your tastes and nurtures repose, we took the liberty of gathering a few enticing bedroom wall ideas so that your cosy comfort zone achieves your ideal appearance. 

So scroll down and get ready to be inspired!

1. Wooden panels

This modern bedroom was given a boost in style with just a few simple boards of timber above the bed. Wood enhances a neutral interior, but works especially well with other earth tones, like the beige and coffee brown we see here. Add a nice warm accent of light wood to enhance your room's refined flair.

2. A classy touch

The lavish and luxurious life isn't just for those with loads of cash. Something as simple as a beautifully crafted abstract painting can give your bedroom the sophisticated touch it needs to give you that high-end feeling without high-end spending. This bedroom takes it up a notch and even frames the painting with LED lights for even more intrigue and class.

3. Mixing

Blending colours and textures can give your bedroom just the character you've been looking for. These bright blue bedroom walls play nicely with the equally bold lime green an magenta accents, but what we really love is the cushioned headboard that takes up an entire wall. Now that's something that not every bedroom has.

4. Simple and charming

Dormitorios de estilo  de labzona, Ecléctico

Any painter can give you the low-down on all of the available colours you could choose for your space will say with certainty that teal is one of the most unique and charming of them all. If one solid colour isn't doing it for your bedroom renovation, you can easily add decals like these perched and flying doves to give your room a delicate, delightful ambience. These doves certainly take these residents swiftly off to dreamland.

5. For the kids

When it's your child that needs the revamp, look to educational themes. This world map fosters imagination and encourages learning, all while making the bedroom lively and interesting.

6. A lover's bedroom

Many of us enjoy the more sensual decor options, and the bedroom is the best place to apply them. This room was given a classic romantic charm with just a simple sheet of wallpaper. Along with the softer elements like the bedding and faux fur rug, the room takes on a gentle, yet seductive atmosphere.

7. Industrial fever

Dormitorios de estilo  de homify, Industrial

If your home is decorated in the industrial style, then those nifty pipes coming from your walls act as sensational decoration in the bedroom.

8. Warm tones

The warm tone of these bedroom walls not only enhances a Mediterranean or Asian-style interior, but also are also perfect for the ambitious, goal-oriented person. Warm tones are said to inspire creativity, so while you're snoozing away, you might also find yourself being inspired in your dreams.

9. To the moon and back

Despite its rather bare nature, the moon has fascinated us for centuries. There's nothing quite as calming as the starry night sky and a bright, shining moon, so why not bring that into the bedroom? This space perfectly replicates the deep and calming blue of the night and uses white accents to keep the space from getting too dark. And with a giant moon painted right above the headboard, what other impression could we get from this space other than one of intrigue and tranquility?

If you liked these bedroom wall ideas, you're sure to love this piece on a few unique ways to customise your bedroom.

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