10 wall coverings that will make your facade look fantastic

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10 wall coverings that will make your facade look fantastic

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Casas de estilo  de Excelencia en Diseño,
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Facade decor isn't what it used to be. Neutrals, vibrant shades or even wood and stone can decorate your exterior in chic style and charm with minimal effort. In this homify feature, we look at 10 fantastic facade ideas which our professional team recommended to suit your modern or rustic living space. There is a stylish and attractive material available to suit your contemporary exterior, but it may take some time and effort to design something amazing in accordance with your budget, however the possibilities are endless.

1. Simply staggered

Casas de estilo  de Weber Arquitectos,
Weber Arquitectos

Facahda de acceso – Casa 5

Weber Arquitectos

Wooden slats are the perfect choice for a rustic inspired architecture. It's also an interesting colour that is easy on the eye. How is that for your tropical paradise?

2. Wood veneer

Incorporate some textured materials to your exterior. Wooden veneers maintain that sleek and stylish modernity.

3. Courageous concrete

Casas de estilo  de studio_GAON,

House of Respect and Happiness


Concrete may look bland and boring to some, but to others this magical modern material has it's own texture and decorative charm, making your house an interesting industrial attraction. 

4. Polished stone

There's something so sublime about natural polished stone tiles decorating the exterior in exquisite detail. Recreate a Mediterranean design with mosaics, taking advantage of the evolving shadows.

5. A darker stone

Contrasting colours and textures is another way to enhance elegance, opt for polished and textured stone tiles in shades of grey and black for a gorgeous design, especially when paired with white walls. 

6. Stone slab

A stone slab is a beautiful material for a natural and elegant facade. Decorate a high wall in this colourful option for an aesthetically appealing sophisticated design. 

7. Stained wood

Slender horizontal slats of dark or reddish wood includes an irresistible, warm element to the architecture, while the horizontal layout creates an illusion of a spacious environment. 

8. Enameled aluminium

This may be an eclectic choice, but it's bold enough for a modern homeowner. Enameled aluminium is available in a variety of colours, and because it's durable and flexible it can be cut to suit any requirement.

9. Ceramics

Ceramics are available in an endless array of colours and shapes to suit any style, so whether you're looking for square tiles, hexagonal or even rectangular, your home can look chic easily in any colour you choose.

10. Natural

Casas de estilo  de Boué Arquitectos,
Boué Arquitectos

Casa Real de las Lomas 3- Boué Arquitectos

Boué Arquitectos

While some stones may be manufactured to suit colours, textures and designs, others are quarried for a natural element that is unbelievably brilliant. There is simply no comparison if you can afford the real deal. Have a look at these Beautiful homes in several sizes for you to choose from and create

Vivienda Unifamiliar en Tomiño, Pontevedra (Spain): Casas de estilo  de HUGA ARQUITECTOS,

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