12 handy hacks to calm the chaos in your laundry room

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12 handy hacks to calm the chaos in your laundry room

Leigh Leigh
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No one likes laundry day! It can be tedious, time consuming and can make all sorts of mess. If we don't have a designated laundry or dedicated storage, our homes can also end up looking very chaotic on laundry day. We can end up with folded clothes on the dining room table, a kitchen packed with ironing boards, washing powders and fabric softeners and a house that smells like a laundry!

Not to fear, however. Today on homify, we are going to look at 12 tips that will help you to improve the efficiency of doing laundry and make your home that much tidier and organized.

Are you curious to see how laundry day can become a very pleasant experience?

1. Keep everything in one place

In this design by professionals Elfa Deutschland GmbH, we can see how when everything is kept in one place, doing laundry becomes that much more convenient. Wash your clothes, hang them up to dry and iron them all in one spot.

Don't you love this nifty storage unit with more than enough space for hanging clothes and storing washing powder and fabric softener?

2. Invest in laundry baskets

One way to really keep your home neat and tidy is to invest in laundry baskets throughout. Family members can drop their washing into the basket as soon as they shower or change, keeping the bathroom and bedroom neat and tidy. You simply have to move the laundry basket into the laundry room on laundry day!

3. Nifty spots for the washing machine

Keep your washing machine easily accessible so that you can use it often, without it taking up too much space.

Have a look at these 6 ingenious ideas to keep your washing machine discreet.

4. Organize your wardrobe

Vestidores de estilo  de LUMI , Clásico

So you've washed your clothes, ironed them and folded or hung them up. Now what? So many of us stuff them into our wardrobe into one big heap, leaving a huge mess. We also forget about those beautiful dresses or nice tops that end up at the back of the wardrobe.

Organize your closet with shelves, drawers and hanging space, keeping your clothes neatly stored and well-organized.

5. Opt for shelves

Pasillos y vestíbulos de estilo  de Absolute Project Management, Clásico
Absolute Project Management

Utility – Laundry Shelves

Absolute Project Management

A very modern, easy and economically-friendly solution is to install shelves on a wall where clothes and linen can be stored as well as detergents.

What's more is that you can hang up the shelves yourself!

Have a look at things to consider when choosing shelves.

6. Utilize those corners

Don't let the corner of your home remain bare. Utilize them for a little laundry area that's neatly out of sight. 

Also have a look at how you can get creative with those wasted corners.

7. Discreetly out of sight

Baños de estilo  de STUDIO Z, Moderno

In this little scullery by STUDIO Z, we can see how the washing machines have been stored neatly out of sight behind the large cupboard doors that open up. This is functional, sleek and minimalist.

8. Little storage units

Storage is key to a good laundry. Keep washing powder, detergents and other items neatly out of sight.

This is why creating a laundry in a bathroom can be the best option. Fit the washing machine snugly into the corner and you're ready to go!

9. Make a walk-in closet out of it

If you have a small room that can be dedicated entirely to a laundry and closet, then go for it. You can just close the door behind you when you don't want to think about doing laundry.

10. Vertical space

Terrazas de estilo  de Meltons, Clásico

Belgravia – Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace


Maximize vertical space like these designers have done, putting appliances and machines on top of one another. This is so discreet, you wouldn't even know that the machines are in this kitchen!

11. The advantages of a bathroom laundry

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If you dedicate one bathroom in the house to the laundry and make sure that you have another clean bathroom for when guests are around, it's OK to use the laundry bathroom to hang up clothes and store some items. Containing the mess in one room is sometimes better than having it spread out throughout the house!

12. An accessible ironing board

If your ironing board is handy and accessible, you're more likely to use it! Dedicate a space in the laundry that is set up for ironing. Your crisp shirts will thank you later.

Also have a look at these perfect washing machine storage ideas.

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