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Tips to integrate bold colour into a home

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One of the most common decorating queries people have when renovating or renewing their home, is how to integrate more colour into their domestic space. Let's face it, for most of us, spending too much time within monochromatic rooms tends to lead to monotony and tedium. Colour is the antidote. With its daring and vivacious aesthetic, it can add life and energy to a room, while drastically enhancing a boring or dull interior. If your room is playfully decorated with bold hues, then your guests and visitors are likely to experience that upbeat ambience as well. However, adding colour can be a daunting experience. Too much, or incorrectly paired hues, and you end up with a gaudy pastiche of headache inducing tones. Furthermore, as it is quite easy to make a mistake when adding bold tones, individuals tend to stick to the time-honoured neutral and muted shades. 

Today on homify we're here to change your preconceived ideas about colourfully bold interior spaces. There are a plethora of easy ways to inject bold colours without any risk of interior decorating disasters. Think feature walls, accessories, and colourful pieces of furniture to transform your space from drab to fab! If you would like some sophisticated examples, and a few handy hints, check out the images below, and brighten up your life today.

Step 1: decorative accessories

First off, we are taking a look at decorative accessories. Accessories, curios, art, and ornamentation is by far one of the easiest ways to employ a bold hue within your home. Accessories are not only easy, but they are virtually impossible to get wrong if you follow a few simple rules. Firstly, stick to only a few colours. Secondly, avoid incorporating every colour of the rainbow. Unless you are an interior designer with a considered and thoughtful plan, you will likely create a hodgepodge of regrettably mismatched hues. Thirdly, contrast is good in moderation. You may want to match that light blue sofa with some accessories that will truly stand out. By picking a contrasting hue, you will create interest and energy. 

The first example today is a fabulous demonstration of how to add bold hues without going overboard. The art is an impressive addition, which works beautifully with the bright throw cushions, all in a similar orange/yellow tone. 

Step 2: lighting

Warm Yellow & China White Twin Tone Lampshade Lane VestidoresIluminación

Warm Yellow & China White Twin Tone Lampshade


Next on the list is lighting. Lighting can be an easy solution to adding a bold colour within your home. There are also numerous different ways to go about doing so. Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, and lamp shades are all ways to change up the vibe and colour scheme of your room. Not only will your new light look fabulous and stand out, but can be easily changed and altered. Simply head out and choose your new fitting or fixture (chat to a professional if you need assistance with style and installation), and voilà! Your new bold light will add character and charisma within your home. 

Step 3: bedding

Moving into the bedroom, what better way is there to add a little colour than with some brand new sheets? Firstly, bed linen comes in a range of different styles, patterns, colours, and designs, letting you be as creative as you choose. Moreover, would you like to know the best part about choosing bold bed linen? It is easily transformable, and can be altered to suit your changing tastes and preferences. 

Here in this brilliantly bold example we see a set of gorgeous paisley bed linen. However, this is no normal paisley print, this bed is fluoro, and comes replete with a gorgeous array of bright pinks, sky blues, and cheerful yellows. If you are feeling especially bold, you may also choose to paint your bed frame or purchase a new one. The contrasting yellow works extremely well within this space, and matches the bed sheets seamlessly. 

Step 4: bold furnishings

Furnishings can impart personality within a room, and are often the first choice for those individuals who want to instantly brighten and embolden their space. Create an invigorated domestic area with pieces of furniture that are interesting, intriguing, and most of all, colourful! When you choose your new furniture, you have several options. You may want a whole new setting, several coordinated pieces, or you may simply want one statement item that adds style and panache. If you are new to interior design, perhaps consider a statement armchair, ottoman, or even a coffee table to begin. By adding just one new piece of furniture, you will ensure the design is easily manageable, and avoids being too 'over the top'. From there you can continue to add pieces, working with colour and tone to get the outcome you desire. 

Step 5: a feature wall

ANTONIO CARLOS RESIDENCE Mauricio Arruda Design Dormitorios de estilo ecléctico
Mauricio Arruda Design


Mauricio Arruda Design

The feature wall – one of the finest ways to create a dramatic aura within your domestic space. Forget all-white walls, if you want a daring room, you need a feature wall. Feature walls can take many different forms. Paint, wallpaper, wall stickers, murals, and even tiles can add an abundance of character, while also offering the chance for a fun DIY project over the weekend or holidays. 

Feature walls can also be any size. This example above shows us that a small wall can act as a stylish feature, and impart a bold pattern, contributing to the overall ambience of the room. Think outside the box, and opt for something fearless or vivacious, and pair it with minimal yet thoughtful accessories. Your space will take on new character, and inspire a renewed domestic atmosphere within your home. 

Step 6: new flooring

Our final, and 6th step involves the flooring within your home. Now, altering floors within your dwelling is probably one of the more drastic ways to create a bold interior, but the results can really pay off. 

Here in this example we are taking a look at a bathroom space that effortlessly includes a bright striped pattern. This motif is used throughout the space, and not simply for the floors. The majority of the floor is neutral, with the striped pattern being used in the space adjacent to the shower. The same pattern is then used for the tiling on the side of the bath, and the wall above. This creates a bold yet pleasant ambience, with a cheery and exciting vibe. 

We hope that helped inspire you to create a bold and exciting interior. We recommend 'The Multi-Coloured Modern Apartment' if you'd like to keep reading. 

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