How can I make a small kitchen more beautiful?

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How can I make a small kitchen more beautiful?

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We all have to deal with the reality of smaller homes becoming the norm in today's property market, and while for most people this isn't a huge problem, the one room where everyone feels it is the kitchen. We actively use the kitchen at least twice a day, and while a small living room may not be such a big deal if you're spending most of your time on the couch, a small kitchen can make life extremely difficult in terms of food preparation, cleaning, and simply organisation.

For many this leads us to treat our kitchen as a purely functional space, as beautifying it can feel like a tall order when we're already struggling just to find a place for everything. If this sounds like you, then we're here to help, because we're going to show you how you can make your kitchen look amazing, no matter how small it is, with a few simple tips.

1. Use vivid colours to decorate narrow spaces

One way to distract from the size of a small kitchen is to use bright vivid colours, like this spectacular summer yellow that fills this small room with vibrance and light. This is especially effective if you don't have a window in the kitchen, as the bright colours will make up for the lack of sunlight. Here they've matched the yellow tile wall with the floor, while blue stools complement the palette perfectly, making this a fun and exciting space.

2. Vintage industrial

Industrial chic design is gaining popularity, especially among young homeowners in urban areas, due to its trendy aesthetic and low cost. If you think that industrial decors can feel a little cold however, you can take some tips from this fabulous kitchen that has a far more homely vibe due to vintage additions like that fantastic refrigerator and the wallpaper. Either way remember that exposed brick is always a winner!

3. Rustic and homely

We love the use of natural timber is this country cottage, but it doesn't just look just fantastic, a rustic aesthetic will make your kitchen feel cosy and warm rather than small. Talk to a kitchen planner about how you might be able to introduce natural materials like timber and stone into your decor to get that fabulous rustic style.

4. Open plan kitchens

Cocinas de estilo industrial de Decoroom Industrial

If you live in a studio apartment, then an open plan kitchen is by far the best approach. With no barriers between different rooms the space feels expansive, despite only a small corner of this home being dedicated to the kitchen. Not only that, but the kitchen is a communal space, so it only makes sense that it be connected to the living room so that when you have parties you can still be social even as you prepare food and drinks.

5. An invisible kitchen

This is a really unique idea, the entire kitchen is hidden behind cabinet doors so that when it's not in use there is zero visual clutter. This is great in small homes that can be easily overwhelmed by packed countertops, plus the economical design means everything is right at hand; so convenient!

6. Using kitchen supplies as a decorative element

While it can be frustrating just how many items you need to fit into a kitchen, crowding every available space, perhaps you just need a change of perspective. In fact many of the items we store in the kitchen, such as spices, sauces, and grains, have natural aesthetic value, and by storing in them in pretty jars and bottles they can contribute to the decor rather than weighing it down.

It really doesn't matter how small your kitchen is, with these simple tips it will be easy to use, and look stunning! For more kitchen ideas check out these modern kitchen cabinets.

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