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7 ways to incorporate wood to your home living

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
de Studio Ferriani Clásico
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Wood is a natural material that can transform an ordinary, unimaginative room into something incredible. With its inherent qualities, wood adds warmth, texture, and elegance to any home in an exquisite way. Wood can be utilized to render both modern and traditional design schemes, and it has the ability to fit in without clashing with other room elements. But what's the best way to incorporate this fabulous medium into your home? Here at homify, we want to help you with just that.

Wood is charming, whether it's used inside or outside of a home. Mahogany, maple, oak, cherry — any of these will unquestionably give your home more character. And it's not only a stylistic choice for structural elements like flooring, beams, doors, and walls. It’s just as fashionable when it’s used in furniture applications, like for counter tops, tables, or even headboards.

If you want to bring the outdoors inside and utilize wood in your home, take a look at our tips and be inspired!

Build a wooden cabin

A 10m² barbecue cabin at a house in Warwickshire. Jardines de estilo escandinavo de Arctic Cabins Escandinavo
Arctic Cabins

A 10m² barbecue cabin at a house in Warwickshire.

Arctic Cabins

Modern homes have developed to adjust to lifestyles that value both inside and outside living areas where we eat, relax, and entertain. As such, wood furnishings don’t need to be confined to just inside your home. Outdoor living areas provide more than enough possibilities where you can apply them as well.

Created and designed by Arctic Cabins, this cute and cozy little cabin adds a touch of life to your backyard and provides a multitude of functions. You can store your tools here, or you can build a home away from home by adding small chairs, tables, or even bookshelves to the inside, creating a quiet space to read or work. You can even entertain in this comfy cabin. Put on a pot of coffee, grab your loved ones and head to your new cabin to enjoy nature and your beautifully designed property.

Add a wooden doors

A wooden door is the perfect starting point for beginning your home renovation project. Perfectly carved and wonderfully inviting, wooden doors are a classic, chic way to showcase to the world your amazing sense of style. A large wooden front door adds a powerful element to your property and gives onlookers a curious sense of what lies inside. You may not have a circular door, but a wooden one is well within your means and a perfect starting point for your relationship with all things wood.

Mantelpieces and cornices

If you have a fireplace in your home, look no further when considering design options. Wooden mantelpieces are a stunning and classic addition to any home, regardless of style. Here we see a beautifully carved, white mantelpiece to accentuate this country-style home. It's eye-catching, yet simplistic enough not to take away from the other elements in the room.

Be creative with a wooden bed

This bed is a great example of perfectly executed wooden design. As you can see, there aren't any intricate patterns carved into the bed frame. It's just a simple, elegant frame with minimal composition. But just because it's minimal, doesn't mean it lacks in style. The sleek, smooth, lightly finished frame adds an elegant touch to the room. Adding functionality to charm, you'll love the integral drawers that offer amazing amounts of storage.

Go all out with exposed beams and a wooden staircase

Rustic Staircase by Bisca Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo rústico de Bisca Staircases Rústico
Bisca Staircases

Rustic Staircase by Bisca

Bisca Staircases

Wood is the perfect accompaniment. Easy to shape, color, and age, when it comes to fitting in, wood has the ability to take on many forms. That being said, if you need a staircase in a modern-style home, or a charismatic mezzanine, wood sits at the top the list. 

Staircases can be designed a number of different ways, but when it comes to using wood, nothing is better than keeping a little bit of that natural beauty stay. This rustic, yet simple staircase has been constructed from large blocks of wood and was left with that fresh, earthy feel. As a result, we have an undeniably striking design. 

Kitchen worktops and bench space

Another room that benefits from the magic of wooden design is the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets made from wood take on an antique semblance to fit any traditional country interior. On the other hand, clean, contemporary designs with modern detailing look just as alluring.

Here we see wonderful woodwork incorporated into many aspects of the kitchen. The wooden cabinets flawlessly compliment the countertops. Incorporating kitchen worktops into your home offers functionality, exquisite design, and value for money, allowing you to update your home to a luxury level without paying luxury prices.

Add wooden parquet flooring

Wood flooring always has been and always will be a favourite in every home. From rustically repaired original floorboards through to beautiful laminate, there is an ideal solution for everyone. This home incorporates a beautiful oak parquet with lavish and varied tones, complementing the simple white and beige interior design.

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Vivienda Unifamiliar en Tomiño, Pontevedra (Spain) Casas de estilo rústico de HUGA ARQUITECTOS Rústico

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