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There is no doubt about it, retro trends are back in a big way! Whether it’s the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s or beyond, designers across the globe are clamouring to include retro and vintage aesthetics in many of their dwellings. Now, although every style and design seems to eventually come back into fashion, generally you need to modernise your look to achieve a functional and stylish retro home. Those pants you had in the ‘80s; sure, they are still cool, and probably back in vogue, but a little nip and tuck here and there will ensure they don’t look their age. Interior design is much the same. 

You will want to employ aspects of the era you intend to include, but to also remember to update it slightly for a comfortable and unique dwelling. Nobody wants a ratty, scruffy or shabby interior, instead opt for updated styles that include elements of retro flair. This may sound tricky or challenging, but in reality, you can create a vintage or retro interior easily and stylishly. 

The key is to combine original retro pieces, homewares, furniture, and accessories, with other more modern or contemporary items. Think modern kitchen with AGA cooker, or perhaps a tableware setting from the 1960s paired with a sleek mid-century table. If you would like to impart a little retro goodness into your dwelling, then homify is here to help. We have compiled several suggestions that we think will inspire you to renovate your home with a vintage aesthetic. Take a look below, and update your home with style and panache!

Choose a retro designed sofa

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alba najera

Take a look at this mid-century modern sofa, it's oozing retro appeal, and looks fabulously individual within this well-designed living space. The room is simply and minimal in its approach, letting the seating speak for itself. The sofa makes a statement, it is attention-grabbing, as well as an eye-catching feature of the space. The mid-century design is on-trend and full of elegance, while still imparting a sense of fun and cordiality. 

Choose a timeless yet retro design that is sure to add character to your home, while offering different design options if you decide to alter your overall theme. Add framed vintage posters, statement light fitting, throw cushions, and your retro home is on its way!

Retro-fy your kitchen

An AGA is a lifetime investment and can add style as well as rustic elegance to your abode. A heat storage stove however, may not be appropriate if you live in an area with searing temperatures and no discernible winter! 

To get that retro look into your kitchen you may want to opt for a cooker that looks like a traditional AGA, without the heat emitting additional features. Within this retro style kitchen there are plenty of quaint features that add to the overall vintage vibe. The stove is located in a large fireplace, which adds to its heritage style, while the room is equipped with many characterful accoutrements that feature a retro quality. Think patterned blinds, timber furniture, and a heritage style retro cooker. 

How about a charming vintage tub?

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms BañosBañeras y duchas
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

Vintage tubs are all the rage these days, with freestanding styles offering character, charm, and effortless retro charisma. There are numerous styles, designs, shapes and sizes on the market, so the best thing you can do is speak to an expert about the right option for your space. 

If you want something retro, you may want to look at a tub with a bright or bold colour, or perhaps a simple heritage style tub will do the trick. Whichever your preference, you should choose an item that is well-produced and long lasting. Furthermore, you will find a vintage tub can be coordinated with more modern accessories and fixtures easily, making it a versatile purchase and addition. 

Retro wall hues

Prismatics Wall Tiles The London Tile Co. Paredes y suelosBaldosas y azulejos
The London Tile Co.

Prismatics Wall Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Wall colours are an essential part or residential refurbishment if you truly want to retro-outfit your home. Just make sure your choose the right one! Be it a '70s blend of rusty rich colours, or a floral wallpaper, you can be sure it will make a huge difference you your overall dwelling.

In this example we see a tiled kitchen space that has utilised a variety of four differently coloured tiles to impart a vibrant retro ambience and atmosphere. The kitchen joinery is modern, and yet, the space is fabulously vintage and retro cool. The mustard and rust orange tiles are a popular hue to include within the home, and would make a great selection of shades for painted walls as well.

Thoughtful vintage accessories

Accessories can really make or break the aesthetic of a room. If you choose the right pieces your design will come together and look fabulous, however, the wrong items will cause the space to look mismatched and awkward. 

In this example we see some gorgeous patterned crockery with candlesticks and a table lamp. These are paired with a retro wallpaper, and look fabulous. Carefully pick each item, and ensure it adds value to the overall ambience of the room. Contrast colours for interest and intrigue, while adding thrift shop finds for that added authenticity. 

A beautiful and characterful bedroom

When we think of creating a retro styled home, we often immediately jump to the '70s, '80s and '90s. Of course, these are technically retro, but within these eras there are so many more styles that the typical mustard brown timber furniture, and melamine accessories. During the '70s, for example, there was a resurgence in the popularity of colourful flower patterns and bolder designs, which is making a strong comeback today in interior design.

In this project, this bedroom has been wonderfully decorated to include the vintage style, but without looking gaudy or intense. The overwhelming ambience is one that is relaxing and welcoming. The bed is retro in its style, with a modernity that ensures it will be a popular home accessory for many years. Additionally the flower wallpaper is effortlessly retro, and adds timeless charm to the room. 

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