16 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers!

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16 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers!

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It should be a place of relaxation and luxury. It's where you groom, get ready for a night out, and after a tough day there's nothing like a long shower to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. Unfortunately too often we neglect our bathrooms, and they can become cold and grimy places that we can't get out of quick enough. That's why today we're going to take a look at some stunning examples of bathrooms that are beautiful, modern, and most importantly have amazing showers.

There's one thing that every one of the showers we're looking at today have in common; glass walls or doors. This is because non-transparent shower curtains and doors make the shower feel claustrophobic and dark, and also provide the perfect breeding ground for germs. The showers come in all sizes and styles so that you can be sure that you'll find one that will suit the decor of your home, and the floor plan of your bathroom, and we're sure that when you're done reading this you'll be inspired to make your own bathroom look just as fabulous!

1. A centrepiece

We tend to push the shower into the corner of the room, but you can actually open your bathroom up by placing it in the centre. We love the marble walls of the shower, a really classy touch, and that full wall mirror doubles our perception of the size of the room.

2. A well defined area

Hogar de estilo  de homify,

While they have used gorgeous hardwood floors for most of the bathroom, special wood is required for the floor of a shower as it can swell and rot, and so instead they have used concrete. The light colour works well with the wood, and keeps the shower fresh and clean while maintaining the elegance of the timber.

3. Treated timber

A good bathroom designer will know how to use treated water resistant timber for an entire bathroom without the usual problems associated with wood. With a large glass box for the shower that doesn't break up the visual continuity this is a super modern looking bathroom!

4. Light and colour

This bathroom is full of colours and textures provided by all the different materials used in the decor, but the lighting is what really defines the shower. Purple lights create an ambient glow in the shower that makes it really stand out, and provides an interesting addition to the colour palette.

5. Stones and pebbles

There's lot of different materials that can be used for a shower wall, as long as they are water resistant. Stones and pebbles create a natural look that will make you feel like you're bathing in a waterfall, and the almost invisible door means you can always appreciate their unique beauty.

6. Clean and simple

Using concrete tiles is a really modern way to decorate your bathroom, and the natural variation in the hues provides texture and depth. The glass, timber, and porcelain all look at home within the neutral colour palette, combining for a simple but effective design.

7. Reflections

Baños de estilo  de RIMA Arquitectura,
RIMA Arquitectura

Rosedal – RIMA Arquitectura

RIMA Arquitectura

Highly reflective glass will bounce light around the bathroom creating a room that is light and bright, while reducing glare when you are actually in the shower. A shower bench is another great addition, perfect after a long day's work.

8. Frosted glass

Baños de estilo  de homify,



Frosted glass is a good way to ensure that your shower is still light and bright, while maintaining privacy, a good idea for large families that are always fighting over the bathroom in the mornings! As you can see it also looks fantastic.

9. Stone wall

The designers of this bathroom recognised that every surface is an opportunity to introduce a new design feature, and so the wall marking the shower has been decorated in a white stone pattern that really complements the decor.

10. Perfect balance

Geometric designs work really well in the bathroom as they create a satisfying sense of balance and resolution, promoting tranquility and ease of mind. Here they have contrasted a brick pattern with square white tiles, providing interesting visual contrast, and a sense of harmony created by the strip of brick marking the bathroom mirror.

11. Industrial

For a funky, contemporary look, an industrial style decor is the way to go. You can achieve this by using the natural materials of the home as a design element, in this case the stunning red brick which really makes this room and defines the decor, as well as the large steel shower head.

12. ​Mediterranean brick

The light colour of the brick used for the floor and walls of this bathroom give it a traditional Mediterranean flavour to balance out the super modern fittings. The unique pentagonal shape of the shower means that it does not extend to far out, cramping the space.

13. Tinted glass

Tinted glass provides both privacy and style for the shower. With absolutely gorgeous marble walls, the tinted glass adds a darker hue, plus it's also a safer option as crystal clear glass can be very easy to walk straight through!

14. Compact but stylish

This is a really trendy design due to the black and red details which perfectly complement the neutral base of the decor. The limited space means everything is compact, and measured perfectly to ensure that everything has its place without any sacrifices.

15. Rustic and classy

This is a really elegant bathroom, with a rustic decor complemented by romantic candles, while the pink light adds a bit of fun and contemporary style.

16. Picture frames

This bathroom uses a black and white decor to perfection, with thick black frames around the shower windows echoing the artwork on the wall. White's always a good choice for the bathroom as it helps you to keep on top of the cleaning, but it also just looks tasteful and classic. 

So many great ideas to make sure your shower is the luxurious experience you deserve. For more great bathrooms check out our list of the five best bathroom ideas from 2016!

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