6 ideas for ceramic kitchen tops

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The countertops are one of the most important elements of any kitchen, and may entirely change the sense of completion and appearance of the ensemble. One of the reasons why we must always take this feature into account, is due to the great functionality and convenience it provides when we are preparing food. It is, essentially, a vital part of any kitchen space.

While there is absolutely no doubt that countertops are of great importance in the kitchen, there is still some debate open to what material will be best suited to this incomparable element. Today, we would like to present you with ceramic tops. This material is practical, easy to clean, and will give a beautiful aesthetic to your kitchen. If you are looking to renew your cooking space, ceramics is one of the best and cheapest options on the market.

Now, join us to take a look at 6 styles of ceramic countertops that are sure to inspire you for your own kitchen!

1. Ease and usefulness

This type of top is very easy to install, you just need a little cement to apply it on the surface of the counter and start gluing the tiles one by one. A salient benefit of ceramic countertops has always been the ease with which it can be installed, and when it comes to removal, the process will not be much more difficult. Believe it or not, this material is very friendly to use in the kitchen and withstands high temperatures and humidity.

2. Colours and schemes

Choose a colour that matches the other elements of the kitchen, such as the drawers, cabinets and others features. The tones will be essential to have uniformity. For those who want to give a more cheerful look to the kitchen, it will be helpful to link the colour scheme here to the rest of the house's interior design & decoration. This is a unique way to give life and power to the entire area, adding other elements of aesthetic beauty with this very original decorative and functional material.

3. Think about the type of composition you want

Think about the type of model you would like. You could combine it with the kitchen floor. Use it as a part of the walls. When we want to give a more delicate and welcoming aspect to the kitchen, use ceramic tile is the best option. Just you order several boxes of the same design and then you begin to proceed to glue them into sections. Do it in an organized way will be the best solution for your kitchen look like something out of a movie. If you do littering will lose some pieces.

4. Cleaning

Ceramics are very easy to clean and to remove foods from that fall onto it. You only need liquid soap and water, nothing else. This is one of the great advantages because you can clean it up quickly, especially when it is a space that is always dirty because we prepare food constantly.

5. Design

The design of ceramics is one aspect you should pay attention to. There are many colors and other models to choose from. You can add value to our kitchen by choosing a unique and beautiful ceramic design. The best part is that you don't have to limit this design to the countertop, and can use it on the walls or floor of the kitchen as well.

6. Planning your countertop makeover

When planning your kitchen, it is thus helpful to remember that ceramic tiles are very economic compared to other materials used for countertops in kitchens, such as marble or granite. However, we always recommend finding out the price of each option to know how much we need to budget for. 

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