The compact contemporary home for a family of four

Leigh Leigh
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Today at homify, we are going to explore just how gorgeous a compact home can be!

Designed by professionals Alts Design Office this home is small but incredibly sleek. Not only does it prove that dynamite comes in small packages but it also shows that sometimes it's all about quality over quantity.

As we explore the design and details of this home, it will also strike you just how impressive wood is as a material. It's simple, earthy and raw and yet it can bring such a sophisticated touch to the space. 

Are you ready to explore this fabulous, little home?

A neat little package

From the outdoors, we can see that this is a very neatly packaged little home, with a grey facade and light wooden touches. Privacy is important for the family, so while there are some windows and doors that allow natural light to flow in, there is also a solid wall that keeps this home protected. 

Grey is a fabulous material for a home as it brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to an exterior look and feel. In this case, it is further enhanced by the beautiful little front garden.

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Picture perfect

If we head inside the home, we can see that despite the small size, it is simply gorgeous. The interior is characterised by grey tones and light, wooden finishes. 

There is also a beautiful and natural flow, thanks to the open plan design, yet spaces are slightly separated according to function. For example, the dining room is separated from the rest of the living space thanks to the gorgeous rug.

Natural light plays a huge role throughout the home and has been achieved, despite the privacy of the space. High windows and large glass doors allow for this. 

Functional features

When it comes to a small home, you want to go for a minimalist look and feel, which is why it's so important to use functional items and decor elements.

You'll notice that there are gorgeous lamps dropping down from the ceiling, which add a very trendy touch to the space .Yet, they are also functional, filling this space with light and providing it with a beautiful ambiance in the evening.

We can also see how different types of wood have been used to bring a variety of tones and textures to the space. The result is an interior that envelopes you in warmth and charm!

Cosy corners

In this image, we can see how the living room has a strong connection to the outdoors, thanks to the large glass windows and doors. 

You'll also notice that there isn't anything in this space that isn't functional or necessary. A simple sofa furnishes this area along with a wooden cabinet. The cushions bring a touch of colour and charm to the space.

This is a wonderful example of how less is more. There is no need to overwhelm a small space with an abundance of decor items or accessories.

You'll also notice that the space features a few pot plants. This is a great way to introduce decor and style to the home, without it becoming too much. It also connects the interiors to the outdoors. 

Recycled items

You don't have to spend a fortune on decor and accessories for your home. In fact, as we've already seen, just by introducing pot plants or vases of flowers to the interiors, you can create a gorgeous look and feel.

You can also recycle vintage pieces, to bring a classic and homely design to a room. In this image, we can see how an old ladder has been recycled and used to hang up a hat and a scarf. This another great example of how function and design collide!

Don't be afraid to strip down an old chest of drawers and repaint it or build your own wooden bench. Your home is your creation after all!

Smart storage

Storage is a very important element when it comes to a small, neat and tidy home. Anything that isn't necessary needs to be stored neatly out of sight!

In this image, we can see how a large shelf has been installed along the walls, which doubles up as a staircase too! This is a fantastic way to utilise the space under the stairs, while bringing a dynamic design to the home. 

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A blue bathroom

In the bathroom, we come across the first big splash of colour in the home. The blue tones bring a wonderful, soothing ambiance to the space while introducing a it of character and charm.

The blue wall is the only decor element, however. Because it's such a small space, the designers have kept everything else simple and to the point.

Tip: Hang up a shelf in your bathroom where soaps and towels can be stored.

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