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An old apartment that found a new leash of life!

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This ideabook takes you on a tour of a medium-size apartment that was suffering from a bad organization. However, our designers helped in the renovation leading to amazing results, and the change in this house is the ideal solution for your apartment which may have many things that want to get rid of.

The before pictures are dark and gloomy , the after results are beautiful, that is an old apartment found a new leash of life! So, have a look and get inspired with the changes. 

First: a gloomy kitchen​

The presence of the kitchen at the end of the corridor and, without ventilation or light sources would drive anyone to change the arrangement. Moreover, it is necessary to change a bad experience and make adjustments. The position of the tools in the room is catastrophic and narrows the environment. Not to mention the now obsolete ceramics, a big turn off for any owner or user.

After: A design done by magic wand

We should not necessarily create something amazing, but to get a good result a few rules are important to be followed- simple but essential. A good paint and suitable color finishes, without neglecting the power of light when it assembles all life: everything contributes to the great transformation of the  kitchen that we presented here in image.

First: An unpleasant bathroom

Imagine how your guests will feel at this sad bathroom. Damaged tiles everywhere, on the walls and on the floor, a view and sanitary pipes that leave little to the imagination in terms of hygiene and molds of all kinds. Plus, despite being clean, it looks like a public toilet!

After: simple and sophisticated

Using mirrors in  bathrooms for  restricted measured areas is the best solution. It is simple and cheap. Followed by the use of sanitary small in size that fits the space, and the ceramic color, doors and windows, the complete makeover is pleasant and not very expensive. All these elements are the most effective tools in the world of decoration for small bathrooms.

Before- The door of suffering

This door really looks like leading to a terrifying world. In fact, this port is very interesting in detailings, conventional designed, if it were possible, and restore it as it should be.

After: Much better

Note that the designers have created two openings of different sizes, which have a very pertinent glossy color with the hall, the ceiling and the warm wooden floor creates interesting contrasts and a lot of heat.

The details

And here you may note also the treatment used for doors and handles and, more generally, the ornaments and the arrangement of artificial lights, door knobs, white paints and yes, well polished flooring stealing the limelight.

All-over white!

White is the predominant color in this room, for walls, furniture, and doors except for the floor so the professionals preferred to have warm colors of wood, from honey to more intense brown to break the monotony of white.


The image shows an example of one of the spaces of the house: large hall communicating with the other rooms. It can be used as a living room, dining room or an integrated multifunction space that will leave freeholders to exploit it to their liking.

Before: work in progress

During the renovations, the  professionals have always tried to take back what you could still take advantage of, as in the case of windows- very large and useful for natural lighting environments.

After: Large spaces

Also with regard to this space, you can imagine any environment: a bedroom, a small room for children or a lounge where one can chat with friends while tasting a glass of wine. The cozy atmosphere is, in fact, a feature of all the rooms in this renovated apartment.

A wall of windows

If it still has enough natural light, you can not opt for a series of windows, one beside the other, so as to create a panoramic room as the image above.

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